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Christian Alexandre Freire Lopes says:

What kind of training regimen would you recommend for someone who as run 15k and is thinking about trying a marathon?

Romano Liu says:

I loved this, it’s motivational! Keep it going!!!

Sagar Mathers says:

It’s impossible to be a constant viewer on this channel and don’t pick up running

Sarada Uchiha says:

new runners?
Refer to me and call me a noob runner

Jess K says:


Christian Alexandre Freire Lopes says:

Great vlog, as always! Keep’em coming pls!

oregonnich says:

Participation medals are cool, kind of a memento but we seem to have done that with everything in our culture. Competition is a good thing. We need to understand that not always being the best is ok, but looking up to the best can drive us to succeed beyond what we thought we could. When I say competition, ethics are important too. That seems to be forgotten with so many. . . .

Ossie ARTs says:

I run away from my problems as well

The UnderDogs says:

Thanks for the video!! people need to know how important it is to keep on running.

Jacob K says:

you guys should definitely do a series. you two are funny together. even if it’s not the topic of running, you two should do more video. awesome!

Jake McCoy is right but I am going to add this says:

2:44 Casey is a heel striker, while Roberto strikes properly with the balls of his feet.

Никита Белкин says:

I am from Russia, and we are also interested in running here, you know. Is there a proper running technique? How it stands and how not to run, and what can you say about running in the winter (our winter, about -10 to -25 degrees Celsius)

Thank! And I’m sorry that I use Google translator, guys)

Kala-Dawn Larsen says:

I love your running videos! I ran my first half in October and I’m going to do the next one in march! I can’t wait till the day I finish a full! Thanks for the inspiration Casey, the running community is AWESOME!

Rahul Kunte says:

How do you recover from injuries (or muscle recovery) after a long distance(~15 miles) run?

CaseyNeistat says:

i had dan sitting backwards on an electric bike that sam was driving with a canon 5D on a Ronin S <--- everyone keeps asking how we got sucha stable shot

Ossie ARTs says:

7:04 They are running at the same speed as the traffic next to them !!

Bruno DECOURCY says:

I do run on treadmill, which is the opposite of running since you don’t move!!! But in Malaysia, it’s not that easy to run in the open air… I used to do this a lot in France back in the days… I’d be very interested to know about how you train your upper body too. Because, as a runner, the upper body tends to be weak… Thanks a lot for this cool video on running Casey!

TheJahamez says:

Could you guys do a breakdown on proper running form. Areas such as running on the balls of you feet rather then heel to toe weight transition and the importance of your core to minimise lower back stress.

sixty syxti says:

I like New balance


Very helpful!

Asdfjkl Afjl says:

So natural in front of the cameras

Christian Daniel says:

Great video!

Kim Jung Un says:

If you make it a series, could you make one whole episode how to stretch correctly and WHEN to stretch ?

ayylmao says:

Lol “do you warm up”. Respect to Casey, he runs more than I could. But to me a run IS the warm-up.

Sagar Mathers says:

I miss running …but the pollution is my city is…It would almost be suicide to run in these conditions

Sugar Boy says:

What is both of your half marathon or 5k pb?

heyunnnhao says:

how do i stop running away from my problems? you run


Yes plz make this a series it really helps us all

Michael V says:

How do you balance running and strength training? Also how often do you like to hit the gym on a weekly basis?

KJ Richard says:

Casey likes to run because running produces a euphoria similar to getting high off drugs. The more you run the more ‘high’ you feel. So this is a healthy way to get high. I can’t run due to a spinal injury but if I could I would. Looks relaxing.

Andrew Doody says:

I’m a cyclist that has to run for training sometimes and I hate it… how do I learn to enjoy running

sixty syxti says:

How did you run in the winter is the question

Christian Alexandre Freire Lopes says:

What injuries have you been more prone to get and what do you do to prevent them?

Kiran Kumar says:

How to build stamina? What are the precautions to take for cramps/knee pains?

Emma Jane says:

When’s the next installment???

therunawaypope says:

what kind of socks do you wear?

extraterrestrial martian says:

Man, you’re motivate me running. I running half marathon (21km) each Saturday in forest. I started on this summer, and now I can’t stop. You have very good sneakers, it’s dream for me like for beginner. I watch your videos in translation at another channel. I want say, that what you do is very cool! From Russia follower.

Chaya Brenan says:

Yes I love this. Please make a series. How about talking about the benefits of running alongside the presumptive negatives?

Chris Wilson says:

How fast, on average, do you run?

Sarah says:

bring on the series

Christian Alexandre Freire Lopes says:

What made you run your first marathon? When and where was it?

Mike Moore says:

This is in my top 5 Neistat movies of all time (that includes your brother’s videos as well). I’d love to see more fitness centered content, I’ve got a few ideas but have yet to execute. Keep running my friend.

lacrossetv says:

i don’t like to run in nike “they force bad habits like have heel to toe because of the wedges

Florian Schadt says:

You motivated me so much. I’ll run to the fridge now and grab another beer.

Frederico Batistele says:

Mannnn! I loved this video! Amazing!

Ryan Hanley says:

What is the best value for money running watches or other tech gadgets

Kevin McGaire says:

@CaseyNeistat what happened to this becoming a series 🙂

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