My top 3 tips on how to start distance running!
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scottsimcox says:

As important as good shoes are, it’s tough that you’re making the very first tip be a financial and self-conscious hurdle to get over. Many people who are completely new at something can be very insecure about walking up to veterans and exposing their own ignorance (not just a running thing at all). Aside from that, someone dipping their toes into a new hobby or activity will be more intimidated by there being a $100+ price tag associated with the first thing they’re supposed do.

Ernest Hemingway says:

I’ve started running a couple of months ago, quite out of shape and overweight. I’m getting better and doing 6k runs 4 times a week (which is all I can do at this point). I’ve tried mimicing the running technique from your last video and found it forced me to go a little too quickly (the lean forward, mid foot landing) so gave it up half way through my run. Also it felt I was using more energy to get my back foot up each stride. Any thoughts? Am I doing it wrong, or just have to adjust to the new speed?

Lara Van Leeuwen says:

Hey Sage! I just discovered your channel this week, just in time before I run my first half marathon! You have so much great information! Thank you for sharing!! I have one question, maybe something you could do a video on. My pace is not super fast, and with work I’m sure it could be a lot faster, but for beginners and slower runners how do you work in a fast cadence (180 steps/min) with good form while only running 9-10 min miles? I feel like when I pick my cadence up I automatically have to run faster and just can’t keep up with it, or I am just shuffling and barely bringing my feet off the ground and not making that high step before striking. I would love to have you show a video on a slow pace with good form!! Thanks for all your expertise!

Jaserepic says:

New intro song pls

Vicky Sts says:

Great video!

Caleb Mah says:

Hi Sage, just a suggestion, but maybe you could do another series on Youtube titled Sage Storytime or Storytime with Sage or whatever you wanna call it, where you share some experiences you’ve had in regards to running. Surely in your many years of experience you must have had some interesting events happen, maybe how you came to choose running as your competitive sport. I feel like it would be interesting for us viewers to get to know you better and also learn from what you have to share.

Brian Clair says:

sage, how would you stack your runs during a training cycle? Tempo, speed work, intervals, long runs, etc. ?

Promagin says:

Great video as always 🙂 Keep up the great work Sage!

What are your favorite running books?

CupcakeSnake _ says:

Oooo pretty bees nice pretty be….
AH what were u saying again

Fachy says:

Thanks for doing this video!

Alfa Romeo says:

Great video Safe, I really enjoy your videos a lot. I started (restarted) running about 7weeks ago now and in my first week I was doing 5k’s on over 30min, now I am doing a 5k in less than 19.57s thanks to a lot of your tutorials and pointers you shared… One thing that is plaguing my progress is injuries, be it to my ankles or knees or shins…. So I am forces to run one day and rest one day and during my rest days I try to keep busy by doing some house chores, core strengthening or anything that doesn’t affect my legs…
Could you give any tips on diet and on other joint/bone strengthening foods you found worked well for you in the past? Also I am thinking to ditch my adidas Glide boost and Nike pegasus and switch to maximal cushioning shoes… Any thoughts on that?
Sorry for the very long comment, thanks
Alfa – London (UK)

Francois Belisle says:

Hi Sage, thanks again for the great video, I’m sure it will be quite educative to beginners.
You often talk about Power Hiking, could you please show us HOW to do power hiking? I just had my first uphill race, and I did horrible. I had to take many walk breaks, and everytime I did I was thinking “What is that Power Hiking technique Sage is always talking about” I’ve tried to look it up, but didn’t find anything conclusive. I intend to participate to the race next year, but believe me, I’ll be properly prepared this time. I’ll probably do some power hiking if I know how to.

Thanks again for your great videos, books suggestions and all.

Your greatest fan,
Stan (j/k)

Max White says:

The real tricky part is to have a highly trained endurance athlete to start running. I am a cyclist and I always want to convince my training colleagues to do some running in the off-season because it’s so much fun, so I tell them to start in late summer really carefully so they are able to do some decent runs in winter. I always tell them that they have to be careful as F… or they absolutely will get injured. Ofcourse they are always like “ye ye ye ye…. ” and “meh I don’t do anything less than 10k that’s for sissies” and they get injured…. Pretty much every single one of them except for one guy who ran a 1:16 Half marathon after only 5 weeks of training… I guess that’s talent lol.

episodeofsean says:


braff says:

Hi Sage. You are hot in those 6 packs lol i run to be fit for the rest of my life and i also run to beat the world record marathon! Running means everything to me! I want to know how to overcome the stress accumulated after 3-5 days of running?

Luke Nelson says:

I am 13 and I run around 25-30 miles a week. Do you think it is a good idea for me to try to run a marathon in the next 2 years or would it be bad for someone my age?

Hedley Abnett says:

Haha rolling off the couch HAHA!

Tomasz Wełna says:

Thanks for quick and solid instructions! I begin to run!

Vegan Paradise Wanderer says:

+Vo2maxProductions hey Sage, during the times of not running do you think walking and hiking is better than sitting down too much?

Forest Donovan says:

brand new runner, whats the best device to tracks your distance and mile times while you run?

sunnydeyali official says:

whts wrong with wearing a tee shirt?

Rick Martin says:

Really appreciate you addressing running for us novice runners…..there’s more of us than ultra marathoners, I bet. I started with 5k races, now up to 10 k, and hopefully will get to 10 miles, half marathon some day.

Bucketlist Fit says:

Good tips man! Everyone should go to that form video you linked in at the end. It’s probably the best one on youtube. Showed it to my wife last year when I was getting her into running!!

Mike H. says:

Excell ent!

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