Beginner’s Herb Farm Running Guide [Old School Runescape]

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A video where I go ahead and find out whether or not herb runs are worth it for me, as well as allowing you to find out if they are efficient for yourself, Hopefully you found it helpful!

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oxycodon says:

“use supercompost at trollheim patch because it grows faster”
true, but get your facts straight.
the minimum crop yield without a supercompost is 3, while with a supercompost it is 5.
a bad video overal.


plant seeds before you super compost, you will never get weeds

Smallexplamp says:

Make sure to check out my twitch, will be live for the following hours after the video airs. Hopefully it was helpful and make sure to let me know what you all would like me to cover going forward!

That's Definitely Some Good Excrement says:

Using lunars for farm runs is a lot more efficient even if you dont use the fertile soil spell, for a few reasons. 1: Fishing Guild teleport, which is very useful when your daily ardy farm tele is used, or if u dont have one at all. Waay faster than running from Ardy. 2: Spellbook swap to arceuus if your herbs are dead, as it has a “resurrect plant” or w/e its called. 3: Catherby tele, as u mentioned.

Lilly Satou says:

Could you please do a proper guide on tree runs?

also, that skip? *85* agility + Fremenik Isles ELITE diaries are both required to unlock it.

Tamamo says:

You can use the portals/ornate jewlery box at a POH world, 5-6 law runes, and some dust runes/dust battlestaff. Type the host’s name in once and then you can just press enter every time you enter to autofill their name. Rimmington works best for this. Falador park tele(ROW) is closer to the cabbage patch than draynor. For Hosidius, use the WC guild teleport. 45 agility gets lets you use the stepping stone shortcut which is even faster. Ardougne uses the fishing guild teleport(Skills neck).

Smallexplamp says:

That “hello” is harsh at the start lol

War Chief V says:

i like your videos but this one sucked

Krail Jones says:

Thanks dude, your guides are always great!

Andreas Becker says:

You can buy “auto weed” from the Tithe farm minigame so weed never grow.

Sharc V says:

using skills necklace to tele to fishing guild i believe is faster than ardougne tele

Dennis Jakobsson says:


Stef van Bussel says:

loved the vid, hope to see a tree run version of it 😀 i really need to get my farming up, it looks filthy compared to my other stats.

keep up the great work 😀

BedevereTheWise says:

As a very frequent herb runner, I’ve gotta say this isn’t a very good guide for anybody but beginners. Ultimate doesn’t seem like the right description without even Lunars. If you did cover high level runs, you could show the optional Port Sarim tree teleport spot if you run out of lumbridge ring teleports, lunar methods including bringing a rune pouch with the proper runes, and extras for spellbook swap + revive plant, which is a cost effective option for those with high mage. Further, if you want to get into herb runs you should really set up your bank properly so that you can swap gear and inventory spots quickly, and slip them in between slayer tasks, etc.

Mas A says:

use a rune pouch

dockseagull says:

This guide is bad plz delete

Dennis Jakobsson says:

I already know how to do herb runs but it’s still interesting to see how other people do it.

MrMorbizzle says:

hey man I’ve played since 05 and still have no idea how to farm a guide would be great

Connor zzz says:

Apparently youtube searches do not account for [stuff said within brackets]. I’d just leave your video titles with no brackets/hyphens if this information happens to be true.

Ven o says:

rs3 thumbnail but osrs content smh

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