Beginner’s Guide to Running

Running is an exercise many people enjoy for cardiovascular health and as a complement to dieting or weight training. Learn how to start running for health in this exercise video.

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Paradise997 says:

the problem is im a boy and my mates say i run like a girl but does that have to do with my height because im 13 and 5ft 6in

BulbasaurUseVinewhip says:

@Htown20XX actually weightlifting can be pretty bad for bones and joints, thats why a lot of weight lifters take Glucosamine ^_^

iReecexZ says:

I have a few local running tracks and i live in the UK, so therefore you are wrong sir

TheWildbill242 says:

Very good information for anyone.

Been running for 47 1/2 years. At age 69 I’m still out there kicking up the dirt. Not as fast or strong as when I was in my 20’s or 30’s. Running is good physically, mentally and spiritually. Some day I may be forced to walk instead of run but that’s okay.

ayayayify says:

@TwiztedTurbo i was asking to see where you were are before you hit 6 months. i run twice a day-two increments of 6 miles. its better for me to break it up that way

Tony Stark says:

Cant you tell its a joke

stephen says:

@GoldenRing1989 by using a little track.. thay take a cart and pull it down it is fairly quiet and can be edited out

Paradise997 says:

@12345678fire7654321 no i aint , theres a kid in yr 7 thats almost the same height as me

Daniel Arias says:

Is a 4 mile jog/walk bad for your first day I’m 14 and I am over weight just like 20 pounds

napalmstrike235 says:

he was probably in a car or something

Rawrghmoo says:

…pants distracted me.

ads998 says:

@masterkiller1791 HAHA! I heard it too! I swear he said fart lick running! I think I might not take up running after all if I have to lick farts! HAHAHA!!!!!!!!!

mobytoss says:

@ads998 @masterkiller1791 He said Fartlek running, it’s a type of speed training

GBA MOBB says:

@ayayayify lol Started out running a mile then gradually increased it.

Mark Richardson says:

Furthest I’ve run so far is 2.13 miles only but aged 46 and been running a few months. Totally out of condition but not obese…just some blubber around the middle. That 2.13 miles took me 17:10 minutes as well. I’m aiming for 3.1 miles (5k) as a goal.

Eliyas Aregahegne says:

@ads998 real mature…

MrDeludedPenguin says:

We do have miles of tow-path, woodland, public footpaths and coast however.
I’m fortunate enough to live near a tow-path it may not be a running track but its 100 miles or so of a very direct route. Going on a weekend run with a bivvy bag is amazing.

GBA MOBB says:

@ayayayify lol

Sam Brandes says:

Think he was walking.

GBA MOBB says:

I started running maybe 6 months ago and now I can run between 5-6 miles a day.I want to get up to 10 a day.Is that a realistic goal?

trueeerinessjazzmile says:

Hey its the guy from Flight of the Concords!

Syrus7sk says:

How did the camera guy hold the camera so stable while jogging?

Koyo Do says:

i’ve just begun running and my coach forces me to run 2 miles everyday …. 🙁

GBA MOBB says:

@ayayayify Sorry if you can only run a block.lols

Michael E says:

meh.. cbf going for a run

Jonodude0 says:

Beginner’s guide: Left foot, right foot.

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