Beginner’s Guide to Running a 5k

For some, running in a 5k is the result of many months training, dieting, and getting their bodies in shape. Learn the basics to training for and running in a 5k in this exercise video.

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Katie Baron says:

im running my 3rd 5k tomorrow and im only 11! im in gotr

Chris Carlson says:

lol i ran a 25 min in 8th grade, tufest race of my life. now i just stick with 5min miles

lizholliman says:

Ran my first 5K last month. 35:35…..and I’m a 37 year old girl!!!! Gooo me! Great stress releaver….sometimes!

superfast30 says:

@RawrRawrRawr58 RIIIIIIGHT!

mewtwomotherfuka says:

dang I joined cross and last 2 times I went to practice I stoped running and was called lazy…I had good reason 2 stop but i didn’t wanna look like i failure so i continued to run now im hurt and missd last 3 pratices and have a really important 5k in a week… ill take a pain pill that day but i feel like im getting slower waiting 4 that day..ill run tomorrow and tell u but my fastet mile was 8:08 and a 5k is 3 and i cant keep that pace the hole time so maybe i shouldn’t even go

getfitafter50 says:

30 minute is a reasonable goal for beginners – not every one want’s to run competitively.

David Mann says:

fastest 5K I ran was the anthem 5K in the Louisville Triple Crown. I finished in 19:13.

Diane Kt says:

Sigh. I ran the mile in 20 minutes…

SajidMahmood Khan says:

dude were u crawling…i walk 2 km in 20 mins

superfast30 says:

anything under 18min is amazing for a non pro athlete. The average 5k time for a intermediate runner is 22-25 min

regikeyz says:

QUESTION: Is it ok to train 7 days a week.. would it be better to take 1 day off rest?
Thank-you very much

Photo314159 says:

don’t mean to diss, but you should completely change the title. Beginners trying to run a 5K won’t need to have a trainning schedule anywhere close to as advanced as what you said. I run once a week and bike the rest of the time, and I raced a 5K yesterday with success.

Mark Richardson says:

I have only recently started running but am amazed by the times that the fastest people run the 5k in local runs. They must be running almost flat out for 3.1miles!!!! Don’t know how they do it.

Jordan1611 says:

my brother and I run 5km every week day. we have been training just under a month now, I am 19 years old and can achieve a time of 21 mins for my personal best. my brother is 14 years old and can achieve 24mins as his personal best

Fuzzy Downuts says:

It’s funny because there’s a runing track and on the fence at 1:49 there’s a mcdonalds advertisement

Sgt. McCrory says:

@wafflepwnify good for you kid. for the rest of us that weigh more than 100 pounds it’s a little harder

JamezRodriegez says:

I was really annoyed to find out that my 5k time of 16 mins isn’t good enough for my schools competition any ideas for improving?

abw815 says:

this video is NOT for beginners. this is for mid to advanced athletes wanting to race and win a 5k, not run a 5k for fun or for exercise.

ShadowzElite says:

are these for all ages???

McCray3352 says:

It really isn’t that slow, when I started running my first mile took between 12-15 minutes. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. The main point of any race such as a 5k is about testing yourself to complete it, and it’s for a good cause. I wish you luck.

KalbiKing says:

@kittybookitty it’s possible dude. at the end of high school i was over 200 pounds and i decided to do a 5k without training. i got a little over 31 minutes. i owe my time being that “good” per se becasue of high school tennis. but yeah you definitely can do it with the right training.

btw. congrats on your weight loss. you’re an inspiration!

The nemophilist says:

Does 5 k mean 5 kilometers? So 3.1 miles?

KiteFlyerWorldWide says:

35 min for my 5k. 9 min for one mile

PA28 says:

gradual progress is the key dude, I was at 10 min miles back in may of this year, now I’m annoyed if it takes me 8, my fastest is 7,07, and the goal for me next is obviously to get under 7 min miles and so on down to around 6

xzaz2 says:

If you want to keep the ‘livestrong’ experience, you can also use EPO.

Matthew Enfield says:

@bombay55100 Ya thats like my friend, he runs a 4:12 mile, or for like an average 3 mile cross country race he runs 3 4:30’s haha hes a beast! He was varsity freshman year.

barnacle says:

I knew I should have stopped listening when he said 15 minute 5k.

bud8883 says:

I prefer to look at hours per week, sometimes I train every day and have 2-3 load weeks and 1 unload week. Some days I do 3 run sessions. Usually it’s a mixture of different activities such as swim, bike, run, and drills. So if I set myself a certain number of hours of training a week, and get through the training sooner, the rest of the week is then rest and recovery.

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