Beginners Guide to Running a 5K – Running is easy when you know how

Running is easy when you know how! and also running is a great way to lose excess body fat and tone up all over. This video of mine tells you how you can go from being a complete beginner to running a 5k.
Lucy x


Maura Treviño says:

Como entrenarme para caminar

sandy dutta says:

fell in love

_ meowsk says:

thank you for your tips! i think having a good mindset and a goal would be super helpful!

Rain says:

you’re talking to teenagers? certainly not chronically ill fibromyalgia older peeps… there’s not many healthy people left in the world, who’s your audience?

Mark Richardson says:

I’ve only just started running and the furthest I’ve ever run is 2.13 miles the other day. Took 17:10. I’m aiming for 5k. Aged 46!!!

George Aspinshaw says:

Hi Lucy, I’m training to join the British Army, What tips would you give to a new runner that normally works on building strength rather than running, as I went for a 4 mile run last Sunday and I found it really hard to keep the pace and control my breathing.

Paul Rone-Clarke says:

Great tips. I’ve never found running hard work (I’m almost 50) Did a 5k this morning. Though 5k is all I ever do these days. I want my knees and hips to last. As I’ve always played sport I’ve always found running easy Really dull compared to playing sport… but quick and simple. The trick now is to get out of breath and get some aerobic benefit from it so I choose slight inclines or grass/country running. 5k on a treadmill? Did that for the first time about 3 years ago. Can’t believe how easy treadmill running is compared to real running. Struggle to see how it can have anything like the benefit.

Jorge Martinez Carrillo says:

I was a runner I became real good and fast its always the beginning that’s hard but then it becomes a addiction

_DAMIAN_ says:

Thank you, Lucy. I’ve always been fit but not necessarily a runner. I’m going to do a 5k with a friend so thanks for you tips.



I think I just fell in love!!!

Simple DIYr says:

finally, some really good set of tips on running. Thank you!

Benjamin Jonathan says:

I used to run 10Ks for weight loss but I had to stop because of winter and I didn’t have a track to run on.  Therefore, I started gaining weight again, even though I was doing my other exercises/workouts. So I was wondering if you can give me me tips on running 10Ks again.

Bookworm 4 says:

Thank you this is great

Vincent Hyland says:

I’m just gonna say this now. Running is not easy, ok? You can be as good at it as anyone but it is not easy.

spyralspyder says:

I do a 40 minute 3 miles at the gym 4 days a week but that is on the eliptical with the resistance cranked up so its like running through mud….. I really have no idea how im gonna do in a real life 5k lol Signed up for one anyway.

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