Beginner Running Shoes | 3 Things to Know Before You Buy

This video is about beginner running shoes, and the 3 important things you need to know before you buy them!

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Diego Maicu says:

I like that! A video with title “running shoes” but 2/3 devoted to feet, which are FAR more important than the shoes 😉

David Power says:

i didnt have a local running store just the usual sports shops where the assistants dont know a thing so i did the wet cardboard test as it was the next best thing lol.

samantha goodwin says:

Thank you for this post,I have been struggling on and off with Achilles for a while and I have decided to come out of stability trainers into a more natural trainer and to walk barefoot more…fingers crossed i will be back out there running soon

b0whunt1ng4ngl3 says:

Will this tip help with mild bunions? Mine have been giving me problems during my runs. Any ideas on what I can do?

Swapnil Shedbale says:

sir how much space should be there in sports shoes please tell me sir

Moni A says:

What do think if the ASICS gel kayanos?

junaid javed says:

please make a video on halux vulgus angle of foot

Nicole Evans Estenson says:

Thank you! I adore your videos! You have the best advice!

Celeste Goff says:

love your tips! I’ve been running about 7 months now and your videos have been very helping!

Gavin Billington says:

Have you done any videos about warming down after a long run?

cool musicisum says:

this really helped. I love the way you teach found it easy to relate to

Valeria Taboada says:

You talk about foot rolling to the inside, but what about rolling to the outside? Is there any exercise that can help?

Andrew Fifita-Lamb says:

Great info and advise for those that run in shoes. I have just bought shoes for my 9year old twins who are starting to join me in some of my short runs.

Moni A says:

Is there a particular shoe that you recommend?

Laura Lara says:

Awesome tips!!! Totally agree with them and loved how you explained parts of the shoe as well!

Nelson Laplante says:

I love the PureFlows but am wondering if they’re a quality shoe. Thinking of going tot he Hoka Cliftons having absolutely loved trial runs in them but a shoe expert friend has said they’re a terrible shoe. Any thoughts on either?

William Ward says:

What about overpronation injuries like anterior tibial tendonitis? guy at the running shoe shop suggest a low support insole.

Jacob Moore says:

dude. thank you and the team so much for this channel. it’s awesome. I fell in love with running again recently but hurt my knee immediately because I foolishly ran 4.1 miles after being inactive for about 4 years (10 min/mile pace). I was pretty bummed out but started looking for resources to help me start back up right again. Im healed now and am on a solid training regimen working towards a 17min 5k in about 3 months or so. Your channel is proving to be one of the best sources of info and tips by far.

stewie211 says:

One of my favorite running youtuber , thanks guy’s for all about running . Its appreciated

#theasschat 2014- says:

I never used running shoes, but now the benefits of running with them

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