A Running Plan For Absolute Beginners

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Best watched in HD (lots of movement)
Running is fantastic and addictive. Learn how fast and far to go without killing yourself and your newfound enthusiasm. Anyone can run, you just need to put one foot in front of the other (sort of).

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This video covers: how to run, beginning running, how often to run, how far to run, how much to run, when to run, how to start running, basically running 101.


Ny Jeep Adventurer says:

good video, except for the camera work. So…basically, scroll down and just listen to the video

Secrets of Running says:

New version uploaded for all beginner runners and joggers who are looking for a flexible, yet simple running plan that will get you off the couch painlessly and keep your enthusiasm high. Running is a great way to get exercise and can lead to some great changes in your life. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yw6z-s_Jmec

Death Networks says:

wait, I’m out of breath running more than 300m…. then my leg gets really tense and I have trouble even walking o.0

Is it because I used to be a sprinter?

Nikhil Yekhe says:

good one .. just the thing that you are moving a lot… little bit disorienting…

Dalip Kumar says:

please give me a running trick
for 4.8 km running
I am beginner

Johnny TheFlyingA14 says:

Why you keep moving the camera

Dalip Kumar says:

4.8km in 20 minutes

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