A Directionless Guide to Running

Jeff decides to try out running!

I hope this movie gives you a chuckle!

This is another tie in to my comic entitled Directionless that you can read here, FOR FREE http://nateziller.com/Directionless/


Lauren DeLuna says:

The puddle got me haha

MrGrottger says:

Newgrounds is still alive but it’s legendary will still live.

SaraSalvaje says:

How do you program the animations? They are amazing

trash can says:

I HATE runners reward

Dab9 says:

or you could stretch after running

henriquecastro says:


Mehless says:

Decided to check out your channel and I see that it has some pretty funny stuff. Subbed.

MrThingstodotoday says:

These videos get better and better! Why aren’t you getting more attention?

Chaox six says:

I love this. Every second of it!

mr977ism says:

when he first started I thought of qwop

Nate Ziller says:

They are my favorite 🙂

GodOfTheeGames says:

This is definitely a good reason for why I hate outdoors…

MasterImpsy says:

Wow, that was really good. It was pretty hilarious too 🙂

CorkScrewDood says:

when i saw he uploaded a vid i was like “yeah!!!!!!!!!awwww yeeeaaahhhhh!!!!!!!”

TheMasterchiefan says:

lol don’t think I didn’t see that Calvin and Hobbes appearance at 2:12 ordering ice cream.

Some Icelandic Dude says:


TheCookieUnit says:

I thought his name was Brandon.

Alex Hernandez says:


CaseyJK says:

That was really good. You should be proud 🙂

Levison says:

Hehe this was brilliant; nice to see you’re still making animations; surely brightened my night ^_^”

Technic Builder says:

love this video

Nail3728 says:

The QWOP reference was amazing

InkawgNeetoh says:

Eyyy!! Relient K dude and his lady friend at 2:22!

XDdragonslayerDX says:

Another challenger enters the neck and neck, oh never mind he fell

Cazza M says:

hehe Is that Calvin sans Hobbes, buying ice-cream?

Flat says:

Runners reward? Sounds like my reaction to how much time i wasted after QWOP.

K Legyyn says:

Humorous as always Nate! Good work!

Limped says:

I lost it at the QWOP reference.

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