5 Running Tips For Beginners | Niomi Smart

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Samira M. says:

How do you stay motivated in the beginning? I just went on my second run of my entire life, and it honestly sucked. I know that after a while running is supposed to make you feel fantastic, but I feel horrible after my runs… I find that it is really hard to enjoy what I am doing because I am huffing and puffing the entire time.

Selena Brown says:

All these are good tips however don’t listen to the part about the shoes. Shoes with a little heal on them that are for “comfort and support” are actually very harmful to you even though they feel good.

Sssophie says:

How long did you train specifically for the marathon?

farooq ahmer says:

the only problem for me was my legs were week but fast and all….. thnx for the tips

Zain Fanik says:

your so adorable

Chris Ford says:

Some great advice and will hopefully help others to get running like I did

Muhammad Younas Choudhary says:

Good tip.

Noah Bradford says:

Sometimes, when I don’t have much self-control or motivation, I go to bed in my running clothes so I have no other choice but get up and go.

Niamh Caffery says:

I’m going to be 12 on the 20th of june and I’m participating in the Pretty Muddy 2017,my mum asked if I wanted a party but I asked to do this run,I’m very excited x

ToMAto13〈3 says:

please give me some tips for running. I am 145pounds with 164cm, I always feel hard to breathe while running . my knees sometimes will be painful. thanks Naomi.

Greta Carleen says:

I can run on a treadmill for ages but can’t manage more than 5 minutes outside. I just can’t breathe properly when running outside 🙁

HoldenSpencer says:

Have you ever run in those shoes, it sure does not look like it…

Lizzie Cook says:

I would start running but I’m embarrassed by my weird run

Jimmy Hayward says:

Brilliant vid. Feel motivated already.

Pixie- Rose says:

I can’t stand running, but I had to take it up as part of my training for a 125 mile kayak marathon. I found that a new pair of nice running shoes made all the difference to motivate me, and my partner and I crossed that finish line after four days racing as two of the youngest competitors (15 years old) best feeling!

Bea says:

I’ve been running track for years why am I watching this lol

RB Atcooltv says:

Oh cool so proud of u KEEP UP

Ester Keilegavlen says:

I’ve always wanted to start running, but I live in Norway, and it rains all the time, so I don’t have any motivation to actually run. It all gets wet and grey…

Chanelle Louise says:

When I heard people talk about ‘the running bug’ I used to think it was a made up thing that people just used because they wanted to talk about going running…. but it actually exists!! I caught it earlier this year while training for Race for Life (video on my channel) and I haven’t looked back since! My first half marathon is in 12 weeks, so I will be using this video for tips! Thanks so much x

Shruti Rajesh says:

You’re videos are so so inspiring and motivating, Niomi. Absolutely LOVE THEM and YOU xxxx

bananana79 says:

great tips, thanks ! 🙂

Emily Pieters says:

Hey Niomi! I love watching your videos, I find you so much more down to earth than most vloggers. I was just wondering, have you ever looked into barefoot running?

Samwelguy says:

3:15 Did she just assume my gender?

Stacey J Hubbard says:

Niomi’s videos are helping to get my training for the London Marathon underway for next year.

Daniel Vlogs says:

thanks for the tips but i find that drinking during running causes stitches

SimplyEmily says:

Can you please me how I can get a better cardio endurance I can only run for 1 minutes until I get out of breathe and tired 🙁

SNLyons says:

No wonder you were battling leg problems if you are running in Adidas. Go to a running specific store and have a professional evaluate your run, and then try shoes on that they suggest and have them evaluate your run in each shoe. Also shoe inserts are very important too.

WeirdWorld says:

im 3 wish me the best fo my next run fellas

Thea Ryrfors Wien says:

Loved the video! I really found the tips helpful:)

Creative Bastat says:

Hi! Thanks for these tips. My 2018 goal was to start running. I’m not really a breakfast person, how much should I eat before I leave please?

vehlajatt22 says:

fuk i was looking up vids for running form/tips and now i’m getting makeup tutorial recommendations

Caroline Louwrens says:

This video was so helpful Niomi❤️ I stopped watching youtube for awhile and just now rediscovered your channel and its already really helping me, because I tend to get stressed out about running and really not wanting to go even though I enjoy it and am naturally good at it. This video really calmed my nerves, your content is always so good. Just wanted to say thank you! Xxx

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