[200+] Tibia Lower Spike Task Running Guide – Cave Explorer Outfit & Achievement

Hope you guys like this guide. It should work for all vocations, just might be a little more expensive on healing for a knight and paladin, but way less dangerous for them too. Plus if you play on Optional PvP or Open PvP you can make a trail of energy bombs/walls too. Unfortunately for those of us on Hardcore PvP and Retro Open PvP, we’ll get a protection zone block if we do this.

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MrNavo10 says:

where can i hunt with my friend ek to make money? we are 160 ed and 225 ek thanks!

JulienBrightside says:

What is the Spike supposed to be?
Is it like a multiplayer hunting ground?
I am pretty sure you’re not supposed to solo run through it haha.

Michael Platek says:

Hey eric i just started trying to get this outfit, my question is there any way to track the amount of points you have collected(like in a quest log) or do you have to track yourself

Cezary Loj says:

can man! congratz to 1000 subs! can you make a tutorial for ms/ed lvl 50-80?

Gitovon M says:

kolejny dobry odcinek

Slosh Money says:

Hey man i like your vid’s, they’re made very well. Cheers from umera.

t wedge says:

Took me a bit, but i finally got around to making a highlight of my hunt there.


jakob eriksson says:

Can you please do Full deepling addon?

jbruz j says:

░░░▀▀░▄ Erics Video’s▄▄░░▐▄▄▄▀░░░

sxarthur says:

Good work man! keep the good work 😀

Szerszenix says:

Another great video! You’re addicting like Tibialyzer. Every single place I try makes me automatically look for it on your channel, damn… ;p

xenigru says:

You should have put some more info into this movie.
There is easy way to do this outfit outside spike with 100 days killing drillworms near kazo steamboat.
Another thing is that if you play in mornings around server save you can find lava pool after ss and then next day do it befor ss so lava pool is still in same place.
I got this outfit on 4 chars already and doing it on mage at lv 50+ is possible but even with full terra set you can die 1 shooted by crystal crusher.

Enczant says:

Nice guide! 🙂

Daggermouth says:

Or.. you can do it in 100 days by doing Killing each day haha~
This place is a hellhole, I still die there as a lv 150 RP

Victor says:

A very different type of video…. I LOVE IT

Superduperskates says:

Is that the real PanthoX?

Michael Platek says:

Awesome video. You by far have the best content for this game. If you could maybe make a tutorial for the roshamuul outfit (Dream warden) I would greatly appreciate it. Keep up the great videos!

Maniek Zborowski says:

1:34 died by poison ;/

t wedge says:

I actually enjoy hunting here with avas on my 320 ms. I get around 1.2kk/hr without bonus which isn’t too bad. The loot is kind of hard to keep up with if you’re trying to make good exp, but there are a ton of creature product drops. I’d recommend wearing a physical set with a shield and of course, a dwarven ring.

As always, great video Eric! 😀

Eric / Psykik says:

Hope you guys enjoyed this guide, and thanks a ton for 1,000 subscribers! I wanted to make a video for the occasion but I’m kinda late now lol. In honor of 1,000 subscribers though I’m launching a facebook page finally! I’ve been meaning to do it for a while now because I wanted to have a way to tell you guys what’s going on behind the scenes like what videos I’m working on, so if you’re interested in that stuff, feel free to like the page: http://www.facebook.com/EricPsykik. Hope you enjoy the video. ^^

richardwithastick says:

Great video!
One thing to add, if you complete it before level 50 you can’t get the addons yet, only the base outfit. You can receive the first addon from the NPC at level 50 and the second one at level 80.

Nicklas Andersson says:

Hey is there any place that you get any nice profit with and really nice xp if you have a mage around 50-70?

João Felipe Galante says:

another great one brother! check my comment on your last video! cheers lad!

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