Victoria’s Secret Model Workout: 20-Minute Body-Sculpting Moves

This 20-minute body-sculpting workout helps get Victoria’s Secret model Alessandra Ambrosio runway ready. Created by Allessandra’s trainer Heather Dorak, founder of Pilates Platinum, the workout is loaded with moves to work multiple body parts are once. And that makes it efficient for toning your body and great for torching calories. Press play and get ready to work out like an Angel.

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cosmic child says:

I’m starting to workout more, I want to became a model

bone Jack says:

Jerking off to this

Ishika Sinsinwar says:

yay! i did it without taking any break! but my thighs and shoulders are on fire…and you got a new subscriber

Illusion says:

We should flex our feet, right? And the next thing she says is ‘like a ballerina’. As a former dancer I find it really hard to flex my foot in exercises 😀 Amazing workout, my legs are still burning!

tammy tomita says:

looks like they having sex when they say oh ya

Leah Monroe says:

I used to do this workout all the time about 9 months ago and just came upon it again and wow I forgot how hard this is. Doing this definitely get you in awesome shape!

GRK says:

I love being able to do this in my house if I have an extra half hour! Beats driving to the gym and back!

duhitzleah 123 says:

if you sweat it’s working, more you sweat the more the fat burns

Belinda Chen says:

This def one of my favorite challenging workouts! and tne trainer reminds me of Cameron Diaz..

Aai Ishah J says:

First time ever tried this….
Wohhh… That was indeed sOo hard…
But will continue and see the results… I’ actually skinny… but got fat after staying at home during holidays….. especially small love handles in my lower back… Just want to get rid of it and ofcourse wanna a flat stomach.

Svetlana Vranjkovic says:

Omg, I feel like I am gona die.. but it is wort..GIRLS you make my day amazing 🙂


If you don’t want to grow your thighs then don’t do the squat exercise in 8:25.

Alexandra Salomatin says:

That was AWESOME! Thanks.

tammanoon usswawongsirikun says:

good job !

Milcsg says:

i like Heather’s tank top. where to buy it from?

Mikasa Ackerman says:

how much calories does this exercise burn?

Mardi J says:

I am an aspiring model so this is good for me

Kelsey C says:

had to take a break from this workout for a few weeks due to a collarbone strain, WOW forgot how much of a cardio workout this is!!

Megha Aggarwal says:

OMG what WAS that. i’m sweating so much and hurrttinnngg. so awesome


if I do this for a week and a half will it work

Emmie Valli says:

I find that so many of these online workouts I see hardly cause me to break a sweat or even feel like I’m working out. I’m glad I found this channel and this workout because I definitely felt the pain! Too bad I didn’t find this earlier in the summer!

Holly McPherson says:

Is it just me or does Heather remind anyone else of Niomi Smart?

Sam S says:

is this a full body and can this be the only workout for the day?

siyang wang says:

so tired!!!!!

Daniella Sullivan says:

Does anyone know of workout videos with these types of moves, but without the commentary? I find it really distracting :/

Ishika Sinsinwar says:

how many calories does this workout burn?

AMAL Ali says:

I wann be model 🙁

Margo Karras says:

I hated this so much but it’s by far the most rewarding work out I’ve ever done

andy says:

you guys should do a special I-live-upstairs-and-can’t-jump-because-my-neighbors type workout. i loved this though! thank you!

MadAlex22 says:

Anyone else pass out at the first plank? Only me? Well…okay then.

Stacey says:

will this workout give yu a lean stomach?

Simona Timosenkova says:

can you lose weight doing this

Jess Rodriguez says:


ShutPop says:

1 6/20/16

rikje van Ginkel says:


Leah Marie says:

I’m 19 and I recently just stated doing these workouts when my older sister showed me. They are intense but I’ve been loving them, and they are only 20 or 30 minutes long. I recently just finished the 21 day fix challenge a couple months ago and have been looking for some new workouts!

Kelsey C says:

Great workout!

Tina Le says:


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