Total Body Pilates! 20 Minute Tone & Shape, Legs, Butt, Abs, Beginners Home Workout, Flexib

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Total Body Pilates! 20 Minute Tone & Shape, Legs, Butt, Abs, Beginners Home Workout, Flexib

Join Kait for a 20 minute Pilates Workout to tone and shape the legs, butt, abs, arms and build strength, flexibility and a healthy, fit body! Kait teaches yoga, ballet and pilates.

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Adelin LaRose says:

The see-through mesh on those pants is so cute!

Silvia Mendes says:

very good Kait!! the last exercise is really good and not difficult to do.

Karen Proctor T.V. says:

OMG this simple exercise has proven to me just how out of shape that I am. I enjoyed it though. Thanks for sharing.

Maria Bonita says:

new subscreiber here. awesome vids!!!

Zorica Popovic says:

Thank you for the nice and steady 20 minutes work out. Just the amount of the work I could do on a hot day like this! The right amount of stretching, sweating and muscle engaging. It may not feel like much, but do it 4 days in a row and you will see a huge difference!

missthemusicinme says:

awesome video

cristiana pirvan says:

thank you so much… you are amazing…. you help me so much… good bleas you (sory for bad english)

Katie Jazz says:

even with just the first exercise i get very bad cramping in my legs how do i stop that happening

Kirsten McGuigan says:

I was just reading the comments and I would love a pilates/HIIT video!

Mary C. Johansen says:

Great workout! Thanks!

marcheline717 says:

this one has so many views, you guys should make more pilates workouts <3

TrueOddNonberry says:

*sits on the couch in my dance/workout clothes while eating licorice and watches this video*

faranadia says:

love your tutorial!

RunaSaeunn says:

great workout, you have me sweating. it is not completley beginner. that part with the plank was too hard.

Ashley Grace says:

is this a good workout for the whole body ?

Ashley Drake says:

Would love more videos too! Well explained poses and a good challenge.

anna Darl says:


jessithegorda says:

I don’t understand the angle from above but I’ll give it a shot.

Pink Carnation says:


Mikaela H says:

Thank you, thats amazing. Loved it

Kirsten McGuigan says:

I’d love to see more pilates videos on this channel! I love this one and I do it a few times a week!

Katarzyna Wietecha-Mrzygłód says:

Great video and exercises! Thank You!

evilicewraith3 bombs says:

im DYING.. good video thanks

M W says:

OK, bear with me….

So I’ve never done any pilates/yoga or anything but am thinking of starting to help with my bouldering and my terrible core. Would you say this is a good place to start? I was thinking of trying do to it every morning!

Esquerda Lixo says:

Jessica Alba’s sister?

Jayne R says:

You are truly the best instructor so clear and easy to understand when it’s hard to watch on my iPad. Great beginners class I’ll be back for more.

Alanna Ballew says:

I know more about workouts from Unflexal handbooks !

Amy Tupper says:

I’m a first timer – and this was great! Thanks for getting right into it!

Zelia Barbosa says:

Love this video!! Specially because I have a lower back problem(building disk L4,5 S1) looking forward for more differentiated pilates!!

Vicky Dunn says:

Great 30 day pilates program available for FREE here:

Emmanuel Perez says:

no one will concentrate while looking at your feet

Kim Saha says:

Great work!

Amitha says:

Thank You.

Jolynn Lockard says:

Workouts are simple, Just go to Unflexal workouts.

superchic4u says:

you are a REALLY good instructer! im impressed how you explain everything and go at a perfect pace! thank you! you are an awesome person and this video helped me! have a blessed day

PsycheTruth says:

Want more fitness? Check out Psychetruth Plus, 100’s of videos not on youtube:

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