The Ultimate 30-Minute Cardio Pilates Workout!

When you combine Pilates, hand weights, and cardio, you get one wicked workout. And by wicked, we mean really fun and really effective. Lisa Corsello, the founder of Burn SF, leads you through 30 minutes of her signature fitness routine, weaving Pilates core exercise with classic lifting moves and cardio bursts. This workout is so varied that you will never get bored. If you want more of Lisa, check out the Burn DVD.

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Cambodia1 says:

That was hard!

Christina Jones says:

I loved this. My abs are on fire.

TheCassandraRose says:

Awesome workout! I enjoyed this one a lot! 🙂

thefamilymixx says:

Lisa I love your workouts because they’re tough but not too cardio strenuous and also you move quickly through then without any downtime. so good

Maria Anastasiou says:

I love this workout; quick but thorough, and you get the burn without being harsh on the body. Thank you

crystal alvarez says:

Loved, loved, loved!!!! Please continue to do more workouts 🙂

pratiksha badgujar says:

very effective workout

sherry kao says:

It’s hard to convince me with your workout cuz the instructor is too thin without muscles.

danlovesnan says:

are these exercises ok also for a fit person who has a kind of pretty mild scolioses?

Shivani Tripathi says:

great workout!!!!!!

alis rivas says:

me encantan tus videos si es posible sea en espanol

April B. Ballard says:


Alicia Cheltenham says:

wow it was great

XoKrystle Xo says:

That was insane!!!!!! LOVED IT!!! We need more of her!! POP SUGAR FITNESS is definitely my new favorite fitness channel!! Thank you

Divya k says:

So effective workout it really helped

Bushrat Tabassum says:

Very effective! Didn’t get all of the moves on the first try because it was so hard lmao. But I slowly got used to them.

jin kimorra says:

just realised how unfit i was .. after 15 min i collapsed and my legs were shaking so much i couldn’t get up lol…… its a great workout thou!!!!!!!! lets hope i can make till the end of ab sesssion tomorrow

INA INA says:


EmikoEI says:

how many calories does this workout burn?

Janet Moran says:

loved it!

Jeddie Bee says:


Adrianne Donovan says:

good excises I love it

Kelsey C says:

that second bit of cardio is killer!

Nina Sapaki says:


Shar B says:

OMG….. this is the best video from Popsugar so far. 30 mins full body workout for someone like me with two young kids and a busy life …… so ideal. Thank you

Monique Collins says:

perfect workout .thank you.

cloudgirl150 says:

Hoy shit, those pulses O____o

Ferna trabalenguas says:

The ab part!! Wowo

Анастасия Соболева says:

only one move from pilates… I expected for more 🙁

Ingrid Williams says:

Last time I could hardly do this entire workout. This time a little/much better 03/10/2016

thefamilymixx says:

this is such a great workout. I hadn’t worked out for a week and this kicked my butt. my legs are absolute hello. best feeling ever!

Lama says:

i didt omg amazing workout i feeeeeel so gooood

Kelsey C says:

oh boy! you really have to work up to doing all that cardio near the end, it’s a killer!

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