Stretches for the Inflexible! Complete Beginners Flexibility with Nico | Dance, Gymnastics, Splits

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Stretches for the Inflexible! Complete Beginners Flexibility with Nico | Dance, Gymnastics,

Nico shares stretches for people who think they aren’t flexible to help improve flexibility for dance, cheerleading, gymnastics and more. These stretches can help you work toward your splits, scorpion and other challenging poses.

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Katie Drummond says:

I learned these stretches during dancing as a child for 10 years. We would do them everyday. It has been 15 years since I did them and it felt amazing. Thank you.

Dan Day says:

Does this actually work? I’m 12 years old about to be 13 and I really wanna do gymnastics

Yvonne Oberholzer says:

You are very nice

Doreen Freeman says:

Really nice! I feel so much better. Thank you!

Limix says:

thanks for your help, i appreciate it… starting to get to yoga again and getting more flexible, my ham strings are so tight it’s insane! lol <3

Julia G. says:

Omg, only after one session my legs got more more flexible. By that I mean I can stretch them about 2 cm more! Thank you ♥️♥️

Latenci's Dad says:

My max is just sititing straight

Gabriela Santos says:

Amazing, thank you!!!

audrey baker says:

I’m planning to do this everyday for a month or two and my goal is to sit in a split.
Does anyone want updates?

J Atis says:

Everything worked for me

Shay Brooklyn says:

I’m a dental student and I spend most of my day sitting and have lost a lot of flexibility fast! Thank you for this video. I’d love a video like this, but with also a stretch for calves.

Maurtriniece Personal says:

Thx a lot you help meh do my front split

MicwilliTooReally says:

Did anyone else’s back crack when you did the stretch lying on the floor?

Bayarmaa Failla says:

Thank you

raysofgreys says:

She’s great, a cute yoga version of Ariana Grande.

Peter Kazavis says:

Thanks Nico!

shenisee11 says:

This is really nice

Denny Orlov says:

Thanks for the video.i needed it for krate thanks

Nicolina Page says:

I didn’t realize how inflexible I had become! I decided to jump back into yoga via this video, and holy cow I cannot bend like I used to. lol It felt really nice though, and it had an easy to go with flow. Thank you!

Janet Fisher says:

Great stretch video. Enjoyed it!

Arwa Khalifa says:

i figured out that i’m not flexible at all 🙁

Karie Kennard says:

That helps me out a lot I’m going to follow you a lot more now thank you

Emi And Ali says:

i read the comments and this might help! i’ll edit if it does <3

Dennis Hawke says:

straddle and lifting/pulling my leg was the hardest ??

I has Girly gaming says:

Thank for this video it has helped me alot

Girl Scout Troop 8160 says:

I am flexible thank you so much for the help

TheYoyozo says:

I really enjoyed doing these stretches as I’m a complete newly. Thx!

princessvannah12 says:

I’m super flexible, but I have a belly. ☹️

Shealyn Soares says:


Ai's Indy says:

I can now easily stand straight and touch the floor by not bending my legs already! Thank you so much!!

Aoife Feehely says:

Amazing !!

Kristin Felts says:

did you know butterfly stretch is dangerous for your hips so do not trust psyche truth

Martin Garcia says:

It did Not Work but a little bit

Natalia Haban says:

anybody look at her name and say in their heads “Nico nico niiiiiii” ?

lomo_looo says:


Evan McAuley says:

i saw “stretches for the inflexible”. hey, perfect! i’m about as flexible as rebar lol

Julian Stapper says:

Hi Nico,
These stretches are really great, I’ve been doing them for more than a week now and I love the fact that I’m already seeing some progress. I was wondering about one thing though: I’m getting a burning feeling behind my left knee and a quick Google search tells me I might be putting pressure on the nerve instead of the hamstrings. I was wondering if you had any explanation for this and whether I have to stretch more, less or differently because of this.

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