POP Pilates for Beginners – Total Body Workout

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http://www.facebook.com/blogilates Cassey takes you through a Pilates workout for beginners. You will work your abs, your legs, and your arms. Principles such as proper breathing, posture, and form are explained in a very detailed manner, so this is also a great exercise video for people trying to understand Pilates basics.

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bunnystations says:

I haven’t found this answered anywhere else on Blogilates platforms. What do I do if I fall behind?

I can never complete the calendar because I often have completely full days where I have to leave the house at 6 and get back at midnight (I live far from work/events). I’ll usually fall behind 3 or so days and then don’t know how to catch up. Do I do two days in one or is that too much for a beginner? Do I start over to build strength consistently? I wanna keep going strong but this always happens. For now I’m just continuing from back where I fell behind.

Thank you for everything <3 Good luck to everyone doing it too!

Mary Im says:

Beginners calendar 2.0. Let’s go!

Edna Worku says:

Day 1 done!

Jessica Jones says:

Thank you so much!!! This is exactly what I was looking for!!

TAK Tours & Travel says:

When I do the tiny circles laying on my side, I feel it on the side of my lower leg and not my butt. Am I doing something wrong?

Shivani Pandit says:

Does anyone else get shooting pain on the outside of their shins when they do the small leg circles?

Cakey Cho says:

I am not strong enough to follow the calendar yet! I will start it the day I am able to do one situp.

Skeletøn Sunfløwer says:

*Her*: Don’t drop that leg!
*Me*: …Well, too late.

Asoomi Mohd says:

who is watching in 2017

Pamela Schmidlin says:

Ok, I’ve done workouts in the past with Cassey but I’ve decided to start the beginners calendar this month…..wish me luck, help me stick with it!

Sophia Isabela says:

MARCH 1, 2017 starting today!!!!!

robin astani says:

less talking pls

Rose Murphy says:

does anyone else get a really unbearalble deep pain in their bums when doing the small circles, every time I do it I always have to take a break it hurts so much!!

The Cooneys says:

this was fantastic thank you! I look forward to getting stronger and working through your other videos 🙂

TheOnlyVitik says:

The lifting my leg was one of the easiest but I couldn’t do it because of the awful clicking sound/feeling in my hips.

BlogTamyB says:

So I’ve been procrastinating for a long time, but started my begginer calendar today! 2017 feb! Yay!
After leg circles I tought I was gonna die, but I survived, so… Let’s go!

Jessica says:

This was my first ever POP Pilates workout I’ve done and I’m still coming back to it in 2017 so see how much I’ve improved through her other vids and PIIT 28! Working out with her dark bloom short on her yoga mat – crazy how much she has achieved since back then!

Treesuh says:

Trying to concentrate on what she’s saying but damn I’m getting lost in singing along with the music. Idk if I’m the only one but man, this video isn’t gunna work… my concentration skills are not up to par for it.

Draic Kin says:

I’m kinda over those “beginner” workouts where I can’t even push through the first couple of moves. This is so much harder than cardio 🙁

Onyemachi Chukwu says:

crazy woman lol!

Alyce Johnson says:

Just started today. I really struggled and had to break several times but I made it to the end barely lol

Lily says:

I’ve attempted this beginners workout multiple times and today’s the first day that I’ve completed it without stopping! Thanks Cassey! Super excited for tomorrow’s workout!

Bibi Kaioum says:

do you really lose weight with this can anyone te me

Hannah Nel says:

Oh man. I haven’t worked out in ages and am always scared to do so because of my bad back. this is a great workout and you’re so encouraging!

m82s01l says:

Is it just me or is hey soul sister playing at the same time as fireflies?!

Naqi Guay says:

hey cassey! i’m not really able to do the pull pull switch part, the 3rd move with my legs because i have ehler danlos syndrome hypermobility type so if i did that then my legs would dislocate – any advice?

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