Pilates Workout 30 Minutes Full Body Sculpting Exercise Video for All Levels


Full 30-Minute Pilates Total Body Workout Video Routine! Get a dynamic, total body sculpting and slimming workout with this 30-Minute Pilates routine for all levels. We’ll use a flat resistance band for some of the exercises, but if you don’t have one, don’t worry! You can substitute light hand weights or simply use just your body weight for the exercises too – you’ll still get a great workout!

Level: All

Equipment: A mat, a flat resistance band (can be done using light dumbbells or just body weight instead)

Intensity: Moderate

Sculpt and strengthen your abs, arms, shoulders, chest, back, thighs, core, stomach, inner thighs, butt, glutes, hamstrings, quadriceps, triceps, biceps, upper back with exercises like:

Pilates V Stance
Side Stretch
Plie Overhead Press
Balancing Pilates Hundred
Forward Scoop – Chest and Shoulders
Rear Row – Back
Triceps Extensions
Arabesque Balance
Kneeling Butt Lift
Resisted Bridge
Spine Extensions
Resisted Push Ups
Pilates Push Ups
V Press
Double Leg Extension
Tabletop Crunch
Tabletop Bicycle Crunch
Heel Press
Lower Abs
Standing Roll Up

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Avy Ferguson says:

Why is the dog making me laugh so hard?! It’s just laying there like, “Work around me, woman.”

Stephanie Ng says:

Hi, do you recommend a 1.5meter or 2meter resistance band?

lorraine peluso says:


Marina Mori says:

Jessica, I though it was going to be easy… was I wrong!! I know this video will help me with my balance. thank you!!!

Otto Biscotto says:

You are fantastica!!!!

Andreína Márquez says:

Hi! Thanks for your video. Is it ok to do this everyday? I’m a beginner

mrs marie says:

OK so I demanded of myself to start back to workout,got these Reebok pilates band I brought over an month now an decided to you tube an beginners excerise,and I came across yours…..damn u kick butt with these excerises an I’m quite aware of Pilates which really does wonders for your body,but bands an pilates I have got to c where this will take my body…..do you have an fb page?? I’m sweating beads up in this place….all the way from the Caribbean Trinidad an Tobago 🙂

MzAshley Ann says:

I ended up like peanut halfway through lol but I’m trying to work up the endurance. Thank you.

Ashley Smith says:

Best pilates/resistance band video I’ve found to date. It’s sad how weak my core is but I have a feeling after doing this a few times I’ll get there! Love me some pilates. Thanks so much! (PS could Peanut talk to my cat about letting me workout instead of eating my hair?)

Emma Beal says:

I’ve been told by my chiropractor that I need to tone my core, and to stablise my hips and back. Pilates was recommended. I found some resistance bands at discount store, and then found your video. I’ve just done the first one, it was hard, but a good hard. I’ve tried things like the 30 day shred etc and it had me losing my motivation fast. I’ve done three days in a row of 10 minute work outs alongside riding my horse, but today felt like i needed something longer.
This was refreshing, PMS relieving and stress busting. I can feel my transverse abs working with every exersize which is my problem area after two babies in 2 years! I can’t praise this enough and will be doing your workouts from now on! Thanks Jessica!

Sapphire Blue says:

Awesome, thanks! Exactly what I was looking for. Perfect.

Joyce Robinson says:

Perfect for a rainy Sunday. A little more work than one might have anticipated but worth the effort. My elbow was fractured three mos ago and I was just released from PT. The casting for 2 mos. made my muscles freeze and I have to work them everyday for the rest of my life. I was told to use bands for my home therapy and I can do some strength work at this point so this works very well for me. Thank you very much.

inga latif says:

awesome video..

Monika Hladíková says:

This exercise suits for me. I want to have very integrated body for climbing. 🙂

June Agust says:

This workout is magnificent, Please do more workouts like this.  Thank You !

Julia V says:

Hi Jessica, I like this workout. How long is your band? Thx 🙂

Katieloveslife says:

I love this! Thanks for sharing!

Lucia Kamizono says:

I love your dog!

王暐婷 says:

good job jessica:)

Jody Grancitelli says:

Love her new 1 mile express flat abs walk and 1 mile express interval walk so good no fancy steps just a real good workout

Cheritta Stewart says:

So I thought this was going to be a light workout. I was completely wrong and completely drenched in sweat 10 minutes in. I made it to the end with some plus size modifications. I look forward to adding this as a personal challenge. Thanks for the great video.

Marina Ferreira says:

from brazil. I love this dog.

MrsGilbera says:

Coming back to ballet after 11 years break – very helpful exercise! Thanks!

LauraLeeParker says:

It’s fun to exercise and look at Peanut slumbering 😀

jbrose40 says:

I couldn’t quite do everything, so it will be a nice benchmark for myself when I can. I will definitely be doing this again!

Ankita Srivastava says:

Loved the video !

rachelhohenbrink77 says:

You rock! Loved this band workout! Just what I was looking for today!

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