Pilates for Older Women

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This week’s episode is for Pilates instructors and gives some tips for teaching older female clients. All of the exercises suggested here can of course also be done by older women following Amy’s advice. Learn how to expand the ribcage, relax the back, and much more.

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bluecabochon says:

Two smiley faces behind her. 🙂

Ann Marie Glaviano says:

great stuff

Patricia Parsons says:

You are very good and I appreciate this, but it is a bit too ‘maternalistic’ for many of us over 60’s. We’ve been yogi is for 40 years.

Kathe Forrest says:

Older males too

hermajesty52 says:

very clear instructions. thanks!

Asalina M. says:

Love love your video and wonderful anatomy education. I am a certified Yoga instructor and always emphasis education to prevent the injury. Peace,

Kathe Forrest says:


noopur gupta says:

hi. i m 50+ with some back problems so cant do much bending . also had been through hysterectomy. obviously i m obese. what kind of exercise is good for me. actually I liked ur way of teaching

Andrea Danihel says:

Thank you for this video. I teach pilates to a few older women with severe limitations, and was wondering what I could do with them that wouldn’t be too much for them. This video is perfect.

Hassan Zia says:

It was great to recommend my friends grand ma for fitness!

Linda Parry says:

Very informative

Daily Care For Seniors says:

Pilates is a great way to relieve stress and feel vibrant. Thank you!

Sheri DH says:

Thank you – good information for those of us working with an active older population. I teach at the YMCA and have many people trying to stay strong and active as they age – I’ll definitely make use of this information!!

Heather de Hombre says:

Brilliant, thankyou. Im now going to check out pilates anytime.

Luisa Castelo-Branco says:

Very good!

Cheryl Gemuenden-Seymour says:

Thank you for the therapeutics. Please trust and sharing with many others what you are doing when they make positive comments or ask why you look so good. This releases what is unknown. Your friends and even your mother would enjoy hearing what you are doing as well.

Renee McLaughlin says:

Great video and wonderful instruction. Thanks for sharing! I work with older women too and teach very similar types of moves. Keep up the beautiful work!

Carla Pilates says:

This was very helpful, thank you 🙂

TheAbStand says:

Pilates are great for those who are older because they are very low impact. Thanks for sharing this!

We have also created a great way for older women to stay active – check us out at our channel.

Action For Aging says:

I find so much flexibility and PEACE through doing my Pilates. Great exercise for us older (but wonderful!) human beings. Great video. Peace! ~Toni

T Lee says:

Very nice, I teach a class that is a blend of yoga and Pilates in an active over 55 community.  I’ve bruised my coccyx and was looking for some new moves that did not require any lying on the back work.  I like the lying on the side options which I have not used in a while.  Your video reminded me of some exercises that I did a long time ago and had forgotten about.  I’ve subscribed to your channel and plan to be an every day user. Thanks!

heloisa688 says:

All fours is  bad position for older women due to arthrosis in the knees. Most elderly suffer knees limitation! 

Monika Kadar says:

Amy, you are great again, thank you so much!

Leanne Allen says:

Thank you for this video. I teach a chair yoga weekly to a wide variety of ages. Some are in their 80s, mostly women but some men as well. This gave me some great new ideas and reinforced that I’m already giving them what they need too. Again, thanks! Leanne

Katie Gavin says:

i wish~! the older gals I work with cannot get up and down from the floor!!! its been quite a challenge to come up with reformer workouts that do not aggregate their knees, necks, low backs …,many cannot sit crossed legged, many cannot lift their head for hundreds and such, many cannot do bridges due to bulging discs, many cannot lie prone due to vertigo….challenging to find something new that everyone can do for each class
any books, videos or suggestions from anyone I would appreciate very very much.
PS. I am also a physical therapist, which is why many of our clients have these issues…they come to our studio when they are finished with PT

Walktall Pilates says:

Lovely video, thankyou 🙂

Nevin Bakay says:

Great, I love it..I wish it lasted longer, like 30 min. or so. Thank you for this video.

musicsunlight123 says:

This is great. Thank you. I’m not a Pilates instructor but enjoyed doing these. Would be good to have a full 30 or 60 minute workout.

Craig Famly says:

If this is for instructors of Pilates surely ought to know where people’s lungs are!

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