Pilates for Beginners – Pilates Exercises for Beginners

This is the perfect follow-up video to Jessica’s Pilates for Beginners Part 1 workout! She will talk you through some of the level two beginner Pilates exercises, giving you a great workout and tips for starting Pilates and getting the most out of the workout. If you’ve never done Pilates before, start with Part 1 and follow it with Part 2. For full length and ad free workouts please visit http://www.jessicavalantpilates.com.


magnificent universe says:

iam shereen from egypt and Thank you very much Jessica for your useful videos

Jemma Pattrick says:

I have never done pilates before and over the last 2 days have done your beginners part 1 and 2. This is so awesome and easy to follow! Thank you for making pilates so accessible.

Kim Corro says:

Great instructional video! Thank you!

Taty Chmeliova says:

Thank you for the videos! You explained how to move very well and now I can exercise more often at home apart from going to class once a week. I feel really great after pilates though it’s not as easy as some people may think who never tried it before!

Marilyn McInnis says:

This is my fifth day doing these exercises, I think Jessica is an excellent instructor. Especially in regards to breathing and positioning. Thanks!

Sara Le Lait says:

I used to do pilates years ago and i forgot how good you feel after. Your instruction is perfect… soothing and comfortable. Thank you!

Rebecca Knebel says:

Hi Jessica, as a physical therapist myself, I was ashamed when I hurt my back so bad that I couldn’t dance like I wanted to. And then I came across your routines and am back on the dance floor. I really am learning a lot about how I work as a healthy person from your videos and I know the science to back what you say. Thank you for sharing your talents and know how with us, I routinely turn other people onto your program so that it can help them as much as it continues to help me. Cheers!

Oscar LeStrange says:

Honestly this is so so fantastic for me, but any advice on doing this with hyper-mobility? It’s particularly in my shoulders and hips! Thank you!

FR says:

I wish i can do this position..but i have a weak wrist.

Shaina Joseph says:

Hi how often and for how long do you recommend to work out at each level before moving on to the next one?

Aisha Alwaseela says:

Thank you did it with you

Andrea Lengel says:

I have done pilates in the past, but I had to stop because my hips pop when i try to do leg extension exercises while on the floor and it can be painful. Are there any modifications I could use instead?

Noel R. says:

Hi! I’m working on finding the right exercise routine for me as I can no longer do my old routines due to a knee injury that damaged the cartilage in the joint. But I see a lot of positions that require kneeling or sitting on the knees, which I cannot do. Do you recommend just skipping these poses/exercises? Or are there other positions that will accomplish the same thing? Thanks!

Paula Herrington says:

When I do circles with my right leg, I feel some “popping” in my hip. It doesn’t hurt. Am I doing something wrong or harmful?Loved both beginners’ videos by the way.

Marlo Paras says:

Hi there! Just discovered you on instagram and youtube. I really like how you fused your knowledge with physical therapy and pilates. I’ve done other videos of pilates before and they often say to press the low back into the floor. Yesterday when I did the first portion which was teaching about engaging the lower abdomen and not pressing the low back into the floor. So is it wrong to press the low back into the floor? I’m just a little confused on that aspect if I should just engage my lower abs and as such it does kind engage my low back to press into the floor or just focus on my lower abs?

Donna King says:

This is great toning and strenghtening and your instructing is excellent!

Lala Perez says:

Jessica is amazing ans very good explaining it. Thank u

nootinodi says:

Is there still space between low back and floor when legs are in table top? Thank you!

Mikki Mouze says:

This my first time ever doing pilates (A real beginner here Haha) and I have completed both parts.
My body is completely stiff and I had some difficulty Throughout the videos I really can’t stretch. Is that a problem if I am to start pilates? If so, can you recommend me some stretching workout that may help me be more flexible to make pilates much easier for me?

Thank you…

Sonja Usry says:

I’m an E-RYT and have taught Pilates in the past and appreciate your videos! My yoga students have been asking for Pilates and your Part 1 and Part 2 are PERFECT. You have wonderful verbal cues!

שרלית חוג'ה says:

Thank you Jessica, very good explanations about what’s important. Can you pleas explain again the trick for the roll up I didn’t understand that one

Cesar Mendoza says:

This is by far one of the best videos for beginners Pilates. Thank you for all the great information. My legs are so stiff, but after doing both beginners videos, the mind-body connection actually relaxed my back, and I could finally bend.

Becky Bagshot says:

I used to do pilates but stopped for some strange reason. I have just began it again using your videos. Thank you so much! I have just done the first two sessions and plan on doing it every day. Thank you! 🙂

lnfk says:

So I’m a PTA, and I’m wondering if all the bending throughout the spine with pilates is wearing down the intervertebral disks prematurely as we are taught in school about sit ups and crunches etc etc… doesn’t some of the pilates exercises go against what we as therapists were taught in school about all the bending and twisting movements?

Abeer says:

it helps me to loss weight or not???

CurlyAnji11 says:

This is day 2 for me with this video. I really love your style, you break down the principals really well, My body finally understands what the basics of Pilates is suppose to be about. Thank you!

R Lewis says:

You’re a joy Jessica, thank you very much for these! I’ve just recovered from a two year knee injury (and used your knee pain video at the time), so which video do you suggest I move on to after the two beginner ones? I can step it up a little, but also need to be careful not to over do it! x

Brenda Bamlett says:

completed both parts, Yoga hasn’t been the best answer, I am over 50 now and for me, I have to have a workout that will built upper back and lower back strength. (tighter abs will be awesome)and it seems to me that after taking both classes online “Pilates exercises for beginners I immediately felt some results in my back, for the better. I am going to continue Pilates and all the years of ‘right’ breathing through various yoga tecniques, I am now ready for some core work. My back is mostly in pain and I am hoping to improve it.

Romi Glez. says:

Jessica, loved the beginner video, hope little by little get better and get the best out of it as you mentioned in video.
Question, what is the difference in yoga and pilates, in other words is yoga more for relaxing purposes and pilates for actual workout?

Lindsey Koury says:

Hi! Thank for such specific teaching on Pilates. Loved both 1 and 2. Hope to get stronger and follow along.

Claudia Zuccarini says:

Hi! I’m struggling to find part 1! Is it the beginner Pilates Mat Exercises? Thank you so much!x

phyllis lucky says:


I have EDS-III, I had 8 weeks of private Pilates tuition before Christmas but can no longer afford that and do not want to give up so have started your videos. I have done part 1 for 4 days so today decided to try part 2 as well. As normal I struggle to support any weight on my arms, wrists shoulders. I tried the modified plank but couldn’t even do that once I had my spine in the correct position. Do you have any videos for strengthening these parts of the body? If not could you offer me some advice tips etc. I love the way you teach your explanations are the best I have found thank you

Hella Embellished Allure says:

I love both of your beginner videos. I haven’t done pilates in years, and when I did, it was only at a low level. now that I’m in my early 20s and trying to get back into it, I’m finding it hard to get good videos that focus on the how and why and give options for newbies like me who have minimal flexibility. This is such a good starting point.

I am hoping though that when I’m ready to move on from these ones you’ll have full length (say minimum of 20 mins) workout videos for the next level up.

whatsittoya says:

Im so happy to have found you!  I am new to pilates and overweight.  I am trying to gain more mobility and help my strengthen my lower back.  Please can you put the beginners videos on a playlist so they are easier to play?  Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge you are excellent and explain everything so well, especially the modifications.  I am so excited for part 3, can’t wait for tomorrow.  Be blessed 🙂

Julie Gidman says:

Hi, when doing the leg circles, should your lower back remain in the neutral position (ie. Slightly arched not pushed to the floor)?.

Kinisi says:

Great video! will be using some of these techniques for my own channel 🙂

Alan Tay says:

Jessica. Excellent video! I ran into your channel by chance. I start Pilates in May 2017. I cannot say enough good about Pilates! Your videos are clear and explained in details. Awesome content! I can relate to words and specific movements from your video! I am taking mat Pilates and on equipment like the Reformer and tower lesson. Your videos supplement what I learn from my instructor for homework! Thanks for sharing with videos!

Hari Watson says:

Thank you!

DoraLupinLove says:

HI! I’ve just complete part 1 & 2 and I find both amazing! I’ve a couple of questions… When I do the butterfly (in fact, I can’t remember the name you used, you know, the one you can do also with your crossed legs), I’ve zero problems with right leg, but when I move to left leg I’ve noticed my hips tends to come a little up (I’d the some problems when I did a lot of sports). Could it be a problem? Or, at least, could you understand what I meant? 😀 I’ll try to explain it better, if don’t, but sorry in advance, english is not my mothertongue. Second question: do you have some advice as cooling down exercise or do you think is not necessary/already included in the video? Thank you! 😀

Courtney Hunt says:

Hi Jessica. I really like your part 1 and 2 beginner work out because I have never done pilates. I am wondering, is it ok to do pilates every day as my exercise routine? I also lift hand weights but that is about it. We can’t afford a gym membership write now. I cant do a lot of other work out videos because I have a bad back, bad knees and plantar fascitis (I am basically falling apart and I have been doing your back and knee pain videos too, thank you!).

Barry Chan says:

i am so glad to find your video. you are professional and clear explanation.

Kathleen Janke says:

Excellent instruction for the basics of Pilates!

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