Pilates for Beginners – Beginner Pilates Mat Exercises

In this 30 minute Pilates for Beginners video, Jessica goes over the basics of Pilates and takes you through a great workout. Modifications and explanations are included throughout. For more tips, workouts and advice for a healthy and fun lifestyle, visit http://www.HappyHourMama.com.


EmeraldRosemarin says:

This was really lovely. Thank you.

Heidi Pie says:

I’ve never done Pilates before. Am looking for something to tone up but not lose too much weight as I really can’t afford to lose weight. I particularly want to tone legs ad bum. Is Pilates the right choice? Is this good for toning?

Kylie Giles says:

Thankyou it was brilliant

Hannah McIntosh says:

oh my gosh. a pilates beginner video that doesn’t make me feel like i’m being patronised! 😀

Lisa Lisa says:

Thank you for this! I just subscribed to you and I love that you have taken the time to explain how to do the moves correctly and why it is important. I am fifty and need to tone and strengthen my muscles.

ourworld96 says:

Thank you for the video and the tips. I am a beginner and would like to do it regularly for general physical health and muscle tone. I would like to know, when is the best time to do this? how long i need to wait to do pilates after or before meal , drink .

Debra Sandstrom says:

Do you have an exercise for sciatic pain and anterior tibial pain that goes across the ankle and over the foot? I have been experiencing pain when I lift my foot. Walking causes more pain.

Trinesh Adari says:

Thank you Jessica. Really appreciate you taking time to explain basics and making this video. Your style of explaining is brilliant.

Megan Lau says:

thanks for the instruction!

Joana Q. says:

Hi Jessica! Thank you so much for the clear and inspirational beginner videos. I would like to know how many times per day/week do you recommend these 2 videos? And also how to coordinate these beginner videos with your other videos? Thank you 🙂

Stevy Golden says:

I thank you very much for that video you are the first trainer ever to explain “neutral spine” to me with making sense LOL even my physio therapist could not manage to get me to do pelvic contractions or hold a neutral spine correctly with therapy I had a while ago because of a dis-aligned pelvis injury caused from pregnancy. But am better now and feel very pumped to start up Pilates again as managed to feel all the moves correctly and not hurt myself. A question any chance you will be doing a video on the full body roll up on what I’m doing wrong there? I seem to have problems with any exercise that involves me having to put pressure on my lower back tale bone area I actually get a painful bruise right on my tale bone area from all the pressure from full body roll ups to suit case crunches ect. Just wondering if there are any tips or tricks I could try on strengthening that area so I stop injuring myself daily down there? Thank you again hope to hear back from you =D

Can büyükkatran says:

Hi Jessica, I was wondering if you have a video of full set of moves for scoliosis. This video changed my life and I want to improve all necessary muscles for my scoliosis.

Ola says:

i came here after failing yoga beginner workout and i’ve like this one way way better! pilates seems to be fun! can not wait to come back here tomorrow and do second part! yay, thank you Jessica, i really like your personality and they way you kindly explain everything:)

liuyizhang liu says:

Thank you so much. Your explanation is just slow enough for beginners like me. I learned so much about breathing and control the lower belly just by following your instructions. Do you have any suggestions for long term pilate exercise plans?

Ashley Misso says:

i’m here because i have low blood and i can’t do any exercises that makes me change positions too quickly. any recommendations to which videos i should watch? 🙂

Tea Lovejoy says:

You are awesome Jessica! Thank you!

Joyce Robinson says:

This was good – just getting back as I have an injury.

Reizermo says:

Hi! I’ve been surfing around for a pilates instructor online that I like to help strengthen my core to alleviate lower back pain…..think I just found her!! Thanks for all these videos Jessica

Joanna Montana says:

I can not lay on my sides nor can I rest my head in the palm of my hand when I lay down. How can I do the exercises that require this move if I am unable to lay on my side?

Natasha Hepburn says:

fabulous thank you, so well explained and the perfect pace for a beginner

Lawstidentity says:

Is it best for losing fat and also building muscle and gaining strength? I want to be able to do work load without getting tired. Is this the best choice? Pls let me jnowb

TheTimidRenegade says:

Really great explanation of basics. I’ve just started studying classical pilates at a studio, and beginning classes need to accommodate for a slightly faster pace, so there’s no detailed description and education over the most basic movements. It’s like trying to learn choreography to a type of dance routine without knowing the basic dance steps that make up the foundation (like trying to memorize a tap routine without knowing how to shuffle or flap). Your videos really help bridge that gap. Thanks!

Sandra O says:

A very motivational video.

יעלה דוכן says:

Hay Jessica my name is yeela from israel I really love the video i want to start Pilates workout at home so I’m definitely a biggner for how long do I need to do the biggner workout? and when do you think I can start a different level? thank you!

Foxy Fern says:

Great video. I’m a cyclist who’s trying to work on my core a lot more to just better my body overall. This is a great place for me to start, and you explain everything so well.

Sydnie Loves Tana says:

this is a great relaxation and stretching out parts of your back video for dancers! i feel really relaxed 🙂 do you have any videos or plans to make videos for dancers who want to explore pilates?

Cesar Mendoza says:

Keep the great videos coming! Learning the basics of Pilates is a game changer for all daily activity.

Isa Valdz says:

Why did I not know about you all this time?? And I very rarely comment on Youtube! I love that I know that you actually know your stuff, being a physiotherapist yourself. I know that I can trust you with your instructions. Thank you so so so much!!! I have injuries to my neck and shoulders, and I’m glad that I found out about your channel.

Jessica Ransom says:

that’s was fantastic I’m glad you really spelled out the foundations! i have a better idea of why and how moves are performed the way they are..thanks!

mariskaEelm says:

Can you tell me how often you need to do these excercises ? Every day ? And for how many weeks before moving on ( for a real beginner -:) ) ?

Anusis Aman says:

Pilates is for weight loss right?

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