WATCH PILATES FOR BEGINNERS series. This 30 minutes Pilates workout helps to strengthen your core.
PILATES workout is just the king of exercises that you will need to reach your objective! It is a very demanding series of exercises that is precise. Pilates exercises involves breathing techniques that are clear cut and aim at giving the body a strong core. Follow this video to learn how to start beginners Pilates exercises from you home.

Pilates Exercises: Pilates is a form of physical fitness that was first incorporated or introduced by Mr. Joseph Pilates. This form of exercise goes way back to the 20th century. Pilates has become one of the most sought after exercises and loved by all age groups.

Are you a beginner? Start Pilates For Beginners series from your home. The steps are easy and can be performed in a hassle free way.

# Let’s learn more about the at home Pilates exercises for beginners.

* Pilates focuses on the alignment of the body including posture and breathing techniques. While performing the Pilates, one has to be particular about balance and coordination that plays a vital role in this form of fitness regime. This beginners Pilates exercises series gives you ample knowledge on doing the sequence correctly.

* Pilates pays emphasis on the mental and physical health of an individual and believes that they both are interrelated. If you perform the Pilates workout on a regular basis, you will notice that this exercise strengthens the body and at the same time improves flexibility which is very important for any kind of exercise. Therefore Pilates exercises are often considered a wholesome workout for beginners.

* Pilates is an exercise that demands your concentration at all times. It not the exercise that you are performing that is important but the way it is done is important.

* As a beginner, it is important to learn that the breathing technique plays a vital role in performing Pilates exercises. Before you start, you need to inhale through your nostrils and exhale through the mouth. This is how you need to do the breathing in Pilates exercise. Remember to position yourself comfortably before you begin with the exercise.

* Coming to the next exercise in Pilates which involves you to follow the same breathing technique but by lying own. The entire focus is on your inhaling an exhaling.

* Pilates also shows you how easily and effortlessly you can perform the arms circles. This again is done by keeping the breathing technique in mind. Another interesting exercise that comes under Pilates is the Hip Roll. This exercise improves the flexibility in the lower abdominal region.

* The Arm circle is a relaxing exercise under Pilates exercises that strengthens the shoulders and the arms. Here again do not forget to focus on your breathing. The Hundreds is a very common exercise in Pilates that focuses on your belly. The Hundreds keeps the lower abdomen firm and it is practiced by many who want to flaunt a flat stomach!

* The prone warm up benefits the abdominal muscles. The breathing technique is important while performing this exercise. The interesting part about Pilates workput is that it does not leave any part of the body. Every part is exercised with the help of proper breathing. Did you know that the Pilates Roll up is 30% more effective when compared to the standard crunch? Well, Pilates workout strengthens the core and makes you physically strong from within.

* The single leg circle tones the thigh muscles and at the same time helps you to improve on your coordination and balance. One of the benefits of breast stroke in Pilates workout is that it pays emphasis on the entire body and not just a single part.

* The Swan dive is yet another beautiful move in Pilates that makes your back strong along with stretching out the front f the body. Even a beginner will find this exercise easy.

* If you are looking at pelvic stability then the Bridge exercise, Pilates workout is the one for you. It gives your hips strength and is a great warm up exercise for your back.
All the fitness enthusiasts; do try out the Pilates exercises at home.

Pilates For Beginners At Home – Learn The Sequence

# Breathing Technique
# Breathing While Lying Down
# Breathing With Arm Circles
# Hip Rolls
# Hundreads
# Prone Warmup
# Cat Warmup
# Shoulder Exercise
# Hundreds
# Single Leg Circle
# Crunches
# Obliques
# One Leg Kick
# Breast Stroke
# Swan Dive
# Side Position
# Kick
# Circle
# Bridge
# 90-20 Degrees

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Kapil Kanur says:

Informative! How long do I need to take Pilates for me to see changes in my body?

Rajesh K says:

Amazing video. I like the way it is explained. Thank you 🙂

Sultana Ali says:

Hello, thank you so much for posting this. I find it extremely informative and helpful the way you talk and explain throughout what we should concentrate on and where we should be feeling the tension etc. I hope to see more of your vids. This is a really intense workout for me as i am beginner. Any advice on how much to start with bc 100 crunches is alot fo rme i am feeling it in my neck. I got to 50 though, Also should we do this everyday and then after how many days/weeks should we increase to which vid? Thank you for your time adn efforts.

Sereddy Hemanth Kumar says:

Often my muscles get over strained due to heavy workouts when I hit the gym. Honestly am a total stranger to this Pilates. Thought of trying this out and after watching the video, this worjout really made my muscles relax so fast and I no longer feel much pain post workouts. Pilates workouts have now become my daily routine. Thank you Stylecraze. Expecting more such videos from you. Thanks again.

rani madhuri says:

Hi, StyleCrazy fitness good and informative video which i came across. Its a great video for beginners keep doing videos on many excercises

Sunitha Puttia says:

Wow http://www….. Very informative and detailed video… Very helpful for biggners..

Raghava Balusani says:

It’s a good video for beginners. I enjoyed watching it through. Instructions are clear and easy to follow. If you have other such videos please share with me.

Satyajit Sahoo says:

Great and informative video on Pilates. Pilates exercises are suitable to benefit your suppleness, natural grace, and skill that will be unmistakably reflected in the way you walk, in the way you play, and in the way you work. Thanks for sharing this video.

qqklara says:

you should do full 10 reps so people can do it with you in the real time – I had to pause my laptop constantly – after 8 min I am fed up and going to look for another video

madhu vasisht says:

hi I a. starting to do Pilates ..hope I loose weight and also gain good health

Egor Savchenko says:

Go to Unflexal page if you want to learn much more about workouts.

aranya sk says:

Hi Stylecraze Fitness, Thank you For Nice Video. I have small questions..
What is the difference between yoga and Pilates?
Can we lose weight by doing Pilates?

Vaishali Singh says:

heyy..very nice video..Can you please let me know – does Pilates help in building muscles and toning of the body?

Lucélia Lima says:

Thanks you for help me!

sravanthi lingala says:

As a beginner should I do the complete workout for 30 minutes or can I gradually start increasing from 15 minutes???

Eshwar Poulker says:

Wow..This looks really interesting and helpful!! I have just started doing this and hope to make it a routine to see the benefits it gives to me!!
Are there any other exercises you can recommend along with this?

Devika Rao says:

Absolutely loved this video! honestly it is great for beginners….didn’t think I would be able to keep up during the whole video. One of the best video’s I have come across and will definitely be coming back! Plz do let me know whether can I practice this as a daily routine?

Trending says:

Very nice video and helpful for beginners

yakupciftci919 says:

Hello, i have a herniated disc and very low flexibility and also shrunk leg muscles. Can or should I follow this workout?

Aradhana Pandey says:

Very helpful video which has given clear instructions on when to inhale and when to exhale which most of the people tend to do wrong. I found a lot of similarity with few yoga asanas. How different is Pilate’s from yoga??

Donna Coleman says:

I have just started doing Pilates and I enjoyed doing this one, easy to follow and I can do it in my pyjamas in the morning!

Egor patula says:

You can use Unflexal instructions to learn about workouts guys.

Ajay Chinthala says:

Hi, Is there any specific exercises for flat Abs .?

Nelly Kim says:

thank you so much for this class.

abhilash palivela says:

Its very well explained..
But i need a small clarification. I am getting little neck pain during this exercise. Am i doing anything wrong? or its quite normal in the beginning?

GRK Creations says:

Its a nice video, it’s the best for beginner

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