Corset Workout for a Slim Waist (POP Pilates)

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lisha cola says:

So glad I found u. U give me the best workout EVER! I love your personality too…keep it up…thanks

Ellie says:

Legit do not feel my obliques at all. Anyone else?


Can this workout be done withOUT wearing a corset???

Melisa Muhic says:

Ann Chery workout cinchers are good too

Lucy Lu says:

MY ARRRRRRMMMMS!!! i didn’t feel my obliques at all but my arms omfg

Melissa Pratt says:

YAY! After doing this workout about 10 times, I was FINALLY able to finish from start to finish! Huge accomplishment.

HelloEno says:

This is such a burner omg !!

Motif Shelton says:

Where do I get a cool “work out corset like that? Great woorkout!

Cherry Bless says:

love it

Katelyn Rose says:

what’s the difference between blogilatestv and the regular blogilates chanel?

Stella Alvarez Franchi says:

Loved it! First time, will keep at it, see what happens 🙂

Mandy Davenport says:

omg dying in the first five

Teala Collins says:

I want that workout corset so much!

Tangie K says:

Hi! Love your videos <3

Does the corset help with results? Can I increase results with a regular workout waist slimmer?

ThatWeirdGirl says:

Does the corset help?

IvannethXcalben says:

the cobra toe touches make me feel so fat and heavy

Nora says:

How many times should I do it? Like everyday?

Gabriela Cruz says:

Does anyone else feel like the older videos are more difficult? 😛 Love them!

paigeyeahh says:

Dec 22 anyone? This is such a throwback, but I still love this workout!!

nguyetnhan122 says:

It working? My waist so big

Shi Ma says:

What was i thinking pairing this workout with “Uh Oh Obliques”…

Anna Maria says:

Oh God, Cassy you are killing me very slowly but I love it! Today is such a day where I don´t wanna stop doing Pop-pilatis <3
Thank you so so sooooooooo mucht for your work , your support, your motivation! You are such a great, amazing, awesome person. Thanks for beeing you<3 I love you and your workouts. It is the only thing that I can stick to AND where I see results <3

Renita Hodges says:

I has me sore very sore

Stupid Face says:

this works waist on point

Ghanojh Chan says:

Oh. The Exercises very good but Difficult

Lena Adams says:

Hard but effective.

Kaitlin Ski says:

I like these workouts, I just feel like so much time is spent for each move I kind of get bored .

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