Body Slimming Workout | POP Pilates for Beginners

Here’s a brand new beginners workout for you! Great place to start your journey and also perfect for everyone so you can review your form and technique when doing POP Pilates! Find the FREE 28 day beginners workout plan here:

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Cassey Ho is a certified Pilates and fitness instructor, named Greatist’s Top 100 Health & Fitness Influencers in the World alongside Michelle Obama. She is the winner of the “Social Fitness” Shorty Award and FITNESS Magazine named her their “Best Healthy Living Blogger”. She’s been featured on Dr. Oz, EXTRA TV, The Steve Harvey Show, COSMPOLITAN Magazine, SHAPE Magazine, Ladies Home Journal, SELF Magazine, NY Times, LA Times, and many more.


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Kirsty Morgan says:

Love the video and the workout! Found the music a little distracting sometimes – your instructions are awesome! 🙂

Matthew Dellinger says:


Lyn S says:

Am I the only that can’t do the rolling?

Janice M Hopkins says:

I love pilates; but Cassey, you make it so much fun! I also love the arms and legs workout! I’m a subscriber!

yoongiaeygo says:

Lit workout ty 🙂

Mathilde Ulivieri says:

Hey there people! I have lost a bit more than 9 pounds in two weeks with this. I started at a weight of 152 pounds for a height of 5’8 and now I’m 143 pounds!
I’ve been doing this workout + the Butt Lifting & Thigh sculpting Pop Pilates Beginners workout 5 times a week (plus a tiny bit of stretching after each session) for a bit more than 2 weeks now.
I’m seeing amazing results already. My butt is higher than ever, thighs thinner, stomach flat and contoured. I’ve gained inner strength and my endurance has increased so much already!
I’ve been associated this workout with a clean diet and no eating after 7pm.
Sending love to Cassey and all of you Pop pilaters beginners.
If you want me to keep you updated on my transformation or have any question, just leave a comment, i’ll be pleased to answer <3
Good luck guyss!

Katie Stears says:

I need Cassey Ho to follow me around and encourage me all day. You ever consider making a positive affirmation app?

Nina v says:

PLEASE turn down music, i cant hear u clearly

Ruby dub dub says:

I’m doing this as part of my first blogilates beginner calender and I’m so excited to get fit

Megan Hoover says:

I have noticed that after a couple of roll ups my middle back starts to really hurt. Any suggestions if I may be doing it wrong?

Sara K. says:

When you find workout for day 8 and see that it’s 17 minutes long….

At the end of video you realize that Cassey was talking half of it. 😀

Gaming with Anna says:

my neck hurts after the 2nd one

You're Beautiful says:

internet connection sometimes freezes, right on the dificult parts and I’m like COME ON! just holding on for dear life haha

annie says:

Casey: Look through your thighs!
Me: I can’t see through my thighs!! 😀 😀

Amrita Gantayat says:

Cassey!! u inspire me!

Ellen Diane says:

well done- I am a fitness trainer/instructor and I am checking out various workouts – Great form and modifications. One suggestion- while you are explaining, be sure the participants are in a relaxed position-

Latoya Herring says:

Great work out! Is it okay that i do yoga and this? I find that yoga really loosens me up and this gets my heart going and on the road to loosing this baby weight. thanks so much for putting your videos on youtube.

Anneliese the Goblin King says:

So my belly always pooches out when I do the hundreds. No matter what I try. Tips?

Bianca Pryce says:

Omg ! I Felt the burn all the way through! Think I fell in love with Pilates. I will do do at least twice a day to catch up! Thank you

Marta XO says:

The instructor isn’t slim, to be honest. Not sure if I should believe this workout!

cho gaemgyu says:

i loose 3 kg for 10days workout, thankyouuu

Neenotta says:

Her: slowly, gracefully comes back down. Me: collapses, wheezing

Tobi Chann says:

I’ve been doing this everyday for a week now and I have successfully lost 1 kg! Totally recommend this to anyone!

Jowie Austria says:


Buddychigo says:

I’ve been trying to start the beginners’ calendar several times and this is the first time I reach week 2! I hope I can keep this up, I can already feel I’m getting stronger 😀

kiriaki mpaxari says:

cassey you make my workoits more fun and i always feel like I’m working out with a friend thank you so much

Kaja Stubicar says:

that 100 always gets me

You're Beautiful says:

beginners 2.0 day 11 anyone?

Privately Ishgirl says:

Guys I love her so much she’s always so happy!

Ele says:

“work when you see this. Don’t eat something or drink coke” Me: *eating toast with chedder and drinking coke*

Ji Eun Bae says:

My neck hurts no matter how much I tuck in my chin and look forward instead of up 🙁 Is my head just super heavy?

Anna Powila says:

this was so much fun! thank you so much cassey for all your work and effort and the motivation you gave me. i feel so happy with my body right now becauseof YOU ❤️

Gracie Ward says:

6 crunches= 1 ROLLUP

Yadira Aquino says:

This vedio was so relaxing for me, it wasnt that hard but i felt it worked body. Great!

fetish life says:

i need more than body slimming workouts. Can someone direct me to some of her workouts for losing weight. Im 180 and want to get down to 110-120

marianne effa says:

music too loud…you are talking a lot but i cant hear you.

sims2lovealot says:

omg I didn’t even realise this took 17 minutes!! it went so fast!

emiilyferguson says:

I had to pause the workout cause I was laughing so hard at 4:07 hahahahaha

Yolanda Barr says:

Thank you. You are awesome!!!!!

Katomeku says:

I love this video so much! ♥

Rose Faghirzada says:

how do u get you’re legs so straight

Miranda's Wellness says:

Wow! That was really quick. I’m stronger than I thought!

V R says:

Love you and your personality! My new favorite.

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