Beginner’s Guide to Increasing Your Flexibility

Increase your flexibility with a number of stretches. Learn how patience and repetitions can increase your flexibility in this free exercise video.


Amiko Smith says:

thank you! excellent reminder how important stretching is. will start tonight. sitting in front of my computer all day during the work week wreaks havoc on my body. the simple walk i take in the afternoon, just isn’t enough to knock the accumulated stiffness in my body.

Amber Taylor says:

This is wonderful – but not for beginners. I cannot, for instance sit on the floor with my legs apart and lean forward. I can’t even get into a 90 degree L position which makes all of these “beginner” stretches useless because i cant get the leverage to get a stretch happening. This is flexibility for people who are already flexible.

Alex Ferreira says:

Great video

Jody Ramsay says:

you are very good at explaining things in your videos, thank u

Thanks Pete says:

I gave up on the furst minute lol

Rogue849 says:

I started doing this but then the next day, the back part of my legs hurt a lot. Is it normal, or am I hurting myself?

roxanne pouille says:

gonna try! thx!

Janko Balaz says:

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AbbyLim Woozworld says:

I can

MDeezy Dinero says:

I know I should be trying to learn how to increase my flexibility from a guy since I’m a man, BUT I rather watch a beautiful woman while I’m learning. Lol

Candeeze Sky says:
Dani Dulay says:

She has bigger muscles than my dad O.O

Choco Mizzy says:

I’ve been stretching to do splits for 9 days now, and my legs are sore as hell T_T And  for some reason, when my muscles are warmed up i’m closer to the ground in my splits. But when they’re colder, they look almost like the first time I stretched last week. Is this normal?

Niv Tal says:

Hello Shanay, I have a question for you. Do you think doing this routine 1 or 2 times a day, 6-7 days a week will help me see some results in several months?
Also, are there any more flexibility exercises, or do you think that the ones in the video are enough?

Thank you!

AbbyLim Woozworld says:

I can reach my hands to my feet yet I can’t do the splits…^.^ Y?!?!

RobotiSal says:

So I watched about a dozen videos before I got to this one – some of them were frankly a bit scary.Wish I’d just seen this one first.

Tina Peace says:

When I watch her stretch me: that’s super easy I can do that ^.^ reality can’t even touch my toes :'( and I’m 12 LOL

Diamond ._. says:


Carlin Lusk says:

Definitely gonna have to lose a lot of belly fat. Also, i have extremely long legs so pair that with being overweight and not flexible at all, I feel lucky to get to my knees lol

Casper Wilkes says:

Thank you so much lady ……..I have no idea who you are. It I can finally put my chest to me left leg.

MsChocolatesmoothie says:

does she have any videos

Hannah Cohen says:

Thank you so much I’ve been trying to get flexible for a while but didn’t know what stretches to do. This will help me get better at hula hooping! Thank you!

Thahir Sheethan says:

I’m really do this at home.keep it up

Tokyo Swoop says:

Thanks for the thorough explanation!

Angelica says:

Your voice is very calming

Jodie'sluxelife says:

Yes, you should be able to without doubt, as we get older the muscles take longer to stretch and is a little harder, so keep doing it, have patience and you’ll be there, just be very careful when stretching, it usually takes little bit by a little bit… Good luck ^_^

Gordon Jackson says:

She fine mmmmm

Sjczz says:

Thanks. You are really good.

YoBootyStinks says:

this is cool but the next day…….PAIN!

badgyrlx says:

I like your teaching style- thank u

Andrea says:

This is exactly the video I was looking for!

VisualTone Stuidos says:

she has such an awesome body

Javi Walker says:

If we do this every night? How much time could it take to pull your leg up to your head? That’s my goal

liam111liam says:

i don think so, sure it is harder but not impossible

Dinesh Kumar Takyar says:

Thank you! Very well explained.

Casey Erfe says:

sometimes in taekwondo we do some of these

Casey Erfe says:

at 3:11 we call that butterfly in taekwondo

Casper Wilkes says:

Lol…..Michel Jackson’s sister.

liam111liam says:

she got bigger arms than most of the guys i know ^^… respect

TenzinPie says:


Jim_Douk - says:

best excercises!!! thnk very much

Shinigami Senpai says:

where is 480? O.o

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