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Urban Ninja Parkour is a brand new Parkour gym in Longwood/Orlando Florida. The gym and community is growing every day so keep an eye out for it and if your in the area come out to train.

Check out their website at: urbanninjaparkour.com

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Follow their Instagram at: @urban.ninjapk

Produced By: Gareth Norvell

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Caleb Iuliano
Gareth Norvell
Niki Whalen
Lorena Abreu
Jimmy Perreira
Daniel Ortiz

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Team Rilla Hops is a Professional Parkour and Freerunning team based out of Orlando, Florida. We are a group of close friends who just want to push as far as they can go and experience life together. We created Rilla Hops as a tool to create the lives we want, do the things we love, and share them with the world. This is where we can share our journey through life with everyone else. 

We created Rilla Hops in 2013 and things just got crazy from there. The team is made up of 7 members: Caleb Iuliano, Gareth Norvell, Jimmy Perreira, Niki Whalen, Lorena Abreu, Victor Perez, Daniel Ortiz. We attempt to consistently put out unique, quality content showcasing well rounded movement, personality, character, travel, adventure, friendship, and the beauty of living a life full of passion while continually training harder and progressing into better athletes every day. We come from and train in many different backgrounds and disciplines such as martial arts, skateboarding, climbing, cheerleading, tumbling, music, art, graffiti, acrobatics, stunts, partner stunting, etc.

twitter: @rillahops
instagram: @rillahops


lermy says:

That looked like fun. Wish I could do that kind of stuff :p

C&M Parkour says:

I go there!!!

Fire Hunter15 says:

YES a parkour gym close by

Paintball-Is-Awesome says:

What’s the song name?

Crew42 says:

such a dope gym!

C Izag says:

Can you go there for fun or do you have to be in a class?

ThE EVRaTing MaΠ says:

what are the hours?

Tucker Vega says:

omg they have tramp wall training there omg can wait

Andre Gp says:


Crazy Jumpers says:

These are good free runners

Jan Ole Brinkmeier says:

im german but i love your videos

Puggy The Princess says:

American Ninja Warrior

Fook DoAhKeer says:

This place could use a sick paint job

Robert 2006 says:


Florian Schneider says:

More Videos plsssss :C

Buncy Team Parkour says:

0:02 opening the door to the fucking paradise

The Amazing Spider-Dude says:

Finally a gym in Orlando, jeezzz

Fire Hunter15 says:

I’ve been looking for one for a while

Tracer Freerunning says:


Nidoking 03 says:

where I find one of those in piedras negras Coahuila, Mexico

DrMakak says:

I can’t focus because of how ginger that ginger guy is. He’s dope af, but I can only stare at his head. Idk why.

Owen Allison says:

you guy should be on American ninja warrior

Meekawolf The Third says:

If I could go one place it’s be here!

Raul Esau Chavez Castro says:


Steve Price says:

The cinematography kicks ass same with the jumps

SuperSlimeySquid says:


Jan Ole Brinkmeier says:


Nancy Ford says:

cool guy

Versis says:

wow ok and exelent go go and music ok and my poland and family ok

David Sanchez says:


Brandon Ables says:

This was a fun night! I’ll definitely be back for jams

Paintball-Is-Awesome says:

Did you guys get a new glide or steady cam?

Cecil Lee says:

So Worthy

FoxyMan BOOST says:


Autumn LivesLife says:

Some of the Rilla Hops crew should go on American ninja warrior!

Eliana Bolaño says:

fue de que con

Parkour X-pert says:

I wanna go there now

livi chaan says:

where is this

Sebby weaver says:

pretty sure this is the ONLY parkour gym in florida other than gymnastics

Tyler Leonard says:


Piter Mania says:


alejandro pk says:

alguien que me informe en donde esta eese gimnasio ?

StrongWill says:

I’m based in Orlando and have been looking for a New GYM! Def gonna check it out!

Stride says:

Siksiksiksik keep it upp

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