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Discover the #1 shoe to wear for parkour, how to find the hidden training spots near you, how to avoid the most common and painful injuries in parkour, learn the trick to taking drops with out injury, how a simple couch is the secret to you learning parkour safer and faster than ever before, and get links to all the resources to get started in your parkour training!

In this video we show you:

– The weird trick to safely taking high drops in parkour
– The top parkour training spots near you for getting started
– The most common & painful injuries beginners face when learning parkour and how to avoid them
– The #1 shoe for parkour
– How a brown leather couch is actually the secret to you learning parkour faster and safer than ever before!

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Experienced Creator786 says:

Dying light brought me here

J.A.G says:

the third one imagine that happens to ur back

EpicRaphy says:

Would you recommend using gloves??

Katherine Vallerie says:

Thank you so much for this guide.

Justin Amby says:

you are the best teacher

ShadowKiller90 says:

i tried the parkour roll and u hurted my arm a lot i almost broke it :/ how can i learn it ???

Phillip Luker says:

my friend said I could not do it

Bluestone Titan says:

Hey tap brothers send email to bluestonetitan@gmail.cim

Alexyap zhenghui says:

Tappbrothers my height is very short can you tell me some exercises that can make me tall??

rekha sridhar says:

please do a video for how to do parkour to small boys
plz plz plz

BLISS is HERE says:

This really helped thx a lot

Domse Adams says:

TV_FilthyFrank made a video about you guys

Giant Gamer says:

My feet are ready to do parkour, because I would never wear shoes as a kid, and I still don’t

esther morales says:

instructions not clear, i got my head stuck to a rope and i cant breathe

Maxi kay says:

idk… but does it help if i played soccer for 8 years ( i still play)? Im 14 right now

Gustavo Alvarez says:


idk gamer says:

tappbrothers you inspired me to teach myself how to parkour so thx mate high five✋

Bluestone Titan says:

I ment com

Random Studios says:

I am 13 and I did a parkour roll and put out my hands and god impailed in the hand with a metal rod! I’m typing with my other hand right now!

Amit Yadav says:

thank you tapp brothers i will learn to become a parkour and i have subscribed ur channel and i am from india

BENACHOUR Abdou says:

Jumpscare at 8:59 !!! XD

The Challenger 43 says:

Parkour is my life


Thnx for the information!

Ezra Cohen says:

When I first started watching this I thought “great another video saying you’ll teach me the key for a nominal fee” then I saw the like ratio and was puzzled. This video is very helpful

Black Shadow says:

Do more videos

? ven says:

Interesting part starts at 4:00 you can thank me later

Corny Dyck says:

We are learning so much but also not learning a bit

Mintie Rose Marie says:

I want to learn parkour just cause I wanna look awesome

SAMIR.SANCHEZ 100652 says:

Thanks I can do it I’ve been doing it but I got better

GhostImmortal 91 says:

I don’t wanna have bare feet at parks so are under armours good?? plz tell me. I’ve been doing good with them but I want your opinion

Tommy Bradley says:

im 14 am i too young to learn ho to do parkour

It's Sherbet Day says:

Cool secret lair

Hugo3000 says:

i hurt myself really hard on The butt when i jumped on my couch, im only 10yrs

Dominique Wolf says:

I keep on releasing too late on my Kong vault. anything I need to know?

Vex Gaming says:

im 11 and i have watched this video 50 times and i still cant get any thing right

Mazeen imran says:

your just awesome

The Council of Salty Twelve Year Olds says:


mrkraupvp says:

1. i don’t live in city. 2. my school doesn’t have obstacles. 3. my Park has only trees. well this place sucks.

Freekmode Muchiez says:

I’m so happy I never wore shoes, and still don’t. It used to be such a habit that I walked down to school one time and once I got there, I forgot that I left my shoes at home. I had to walk back home to get them.

My feet have thick skin, about an inch thick, and I don’t feel anything 🙂
I don’t recommend using bare feet for high climb parkour though, particularly at construction sites, because you’ll use the grip on your foot due to dust, and once your feet are coated, it’s basically a death wish.

Otherwise, tree climb, vaulting, running, anything. It wonderful. After a lot of work, a lot of outside time, you can train your feet not to feet not to feel gravel as well (feel the pain)

game freak says:

i’am 12 years old and i always liked to watch people do parkour and i wanted to do it for a long time i trained but is didn’t work i was looking for information to do and until now it al sucks but this really helped me out thanks guys

You like Krabby Patties, Don't you Squidward? says:

I love parkour ( very basic stuff ) mostly since it helped me get rid of my fear of heights

Freekmode Muchiez says:

Already made a comment about bare feet but…
If you live in a City like me, don’t forget to watch out for heroine needles.

Molevy 23 says:

vid starts at 3:58

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