Training to Fall – Training For Parkour
Falling is a part of parkour. You have to train to be comfortable and in control when falling so when you do slip up, you can save yourself and avoid injury. It’s also called Ukemi. If you have any questions or concerns, visit the website above to contact and ask me personally.

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Edited: Chris Lloyd |
Filmed: Tyler Johnson |
Written: Ben Krueger |

Warning: Parkour, just like any other athletic discipline is an inherently dangerous activity if not performed correctly and practiced carefully. Training For Parkour urges you to take caution while training and not to attempt anything you are uncomfortable with. Have fun and safe training!

Music Credit: “Morning City Ambience” by N-Form ( released under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 (

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מתן פלג says:

Hey I really liked those videos ! Its been a while that im searching for some basic parkour to start 😀 btw , do you have any physical exercises that are good for parkour ? keep doing those videos

Giang vu truong says:

I just broke my arm
Hope I knew your video soon

TrainingForParkour says:

Glad these videos are helpful! Thanks for watching! 🙂

TrainingForParkour says:

Glad you are liking and learning! We definitely plan on doing more videos, just want to make sure it isn’t rushed because we strive to provide quality 🙂

AppleCaster says:

you didn’t explain at all how to do a good normal forward fall, any chance you could do a seperate video explaining it?

Hesham EL Gohary says:

i will learn parkour so before that i need a list of exercises to train at home to make my body ready for parkour or even build up strength 🙂 😀 

AppleCaster says:

Thanks, didn’t notice that

roland j. ruttledge says:

Nice, thanks. As a rollerbladder – very helpful.

Dajoun Love says:

Thanks. This channel really helps me at learning freerunning. Subbed!

CardsFlowerGMS says:

what if i fall onto the head while jumping?

Ascension Gaming says:

im learning so mutch awsome videos keep doing more plz

Xavier Cuartzz says:

Thank you very much..:)

cocogign Channel says:

Ben i like very much to do parkour but a can´t do it. I am 12 years old, can i do it all these things??

David Jain says:

Thank you

Martti010 says:

I watched the video cause I almost broke my wrists while falling on skateboard a week ago.

Anonymous says:

nice video

TrainingForParkour says:

For falling forward you want to do the parkour roll, we already have a video for that on the channel 🙂 Eventually you want it to be an instinct to do the roll when falling foward.

Avery Koontz says:

after watching this video i immediately jumped off my stairs lol

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