Top 5 Upper Bodyweight Exercises From Parkour

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Top 5 Upper Bodyweight Exercises From Parkour:

Inside today’s video we you learn our top 5 upper body exercises taken from parkour. These exercise are designed to get you true strength. Functional muscle you can use for sports, obstacle courses, and other disciplines.

We believe in building a body that is lean, clean, efficient. And to avoid becoming big, bloated, and bulky.

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kai yan says:

functional is subjective and depends what you do, a functional movement for a parkour might not be functional to a mma fighter or powerlifer vise versa. most sport dont use that type of movement e.g doing planche or push up wont do any good to an american football quarterback , it simply cant replace a solid weight lifting move such as the bench press.
doing pistol squat with the intention of increaseing your vertical simply cant cut it, you have to raise your absolute strength by doing heavy compound exercise such as the barbell back squat. my point here is the term “functional” is not doing hand stand pushup on a bosu ball or muscle up on a ring, its subjective and it really depends on what activity your doing, as a matter of fact even doing the movements you preach for general health is not optimal as many bodyweight exercise you included in this video is internally rotating your rotater cuff and can cause significant injury with proper warming up or joint angle.
your a great guy at motivating people to exercise but your doing your fan a disservice by telling them incorrect information

lucky singh says:

thank you so much tap brothers for making this beautiful and use full video
this is really helpful for me for upper body

莫天行 says:

4.wall dip

Prince Lacatango says:

+TappBrothers Great Video!!but I have a question…I am 14 years old and just went through your “Crash Course Into Parkour” Program and I’m very very very excited for the 3 months of training but when I’ve seen the whole schedule,there is a “Weight Workout” on there.Unfortunately,I don’t have any weights and If I do,I might not be able to lift weights because of my age.So,Can I replace the “Weight Workout” to other bodyweight workout like this?

Tony Stark says:

hey Tappbrothers. This video was very useful to me. I am watching and learning your vids since i was 10 years old, i’m 13 now.
All the best bros

Ocelot 239 says:

I’m only 11 and I want to do this

Muzaffer Hıdıroğlu says:

sa bylr insanmiyiz????

teddiesasmita says:

wow, cool moves at the end of the clip. Good tips.

Mohammed Zaid says:

Hey tapp brothers actually I want to join the get fit challenge but I don’t know how to do it please help me out

Ash OCR says:

After following you guys for about a year ish now, i’ve finally took the plunge and taken up your 5 day starter pack. I’ve always wanted to try it but been too scared but after recently trying some of your beginner exercises from previous videos my confidence, strength and even flexibility has improved. I’m even incorporating my training into my Vlogs from now on so I can watch my progress. I can’t wait to start the 5 day course. Thanks for all your videos and advice!! I can’t express just how much it’s helped me!

Rubens Barrios says:

Great Vid bro! Nice movements for the upper body, plz , keep the awesome job you are doing. Peace!

Tyler Covey Clark says:

Great video. Will try these exercises next time I’m out training. Thanks!

shivansh srivastava says:

please help me to reduce thigh size can you please tell me what exercises I should do

Quotacious says:

ive been here for a while but havent had the motivation to train and my body build isnt that good

Vladimir K says:

How much do you weigh?

Its_Mistah_J says:

man please tell me what is your height? bcoz I think I’m not growing bcoz I do flexibility a lot

The Wicked Alf says:

Tapps, can you make a video about how to do the splits? I’m really near, and with a good warm up I kind of do it, but I’m not able to split my legs as Van Damme between two chairs or so

Red RayBoy says:

i can go into the crow pose but i can’t lift myself out of it. what should i work on to help with the lift?

Buck shot says:

are you guys vegan/vegetarian?

Ga V says:

Can you make videos more often.

Baum Mann says:

would you recoment these shoes/socks for parkour and/or calisthenics??

Columbo 980 says:

Can you guys teach the wall flip?

Essa Shabout says:

tapp your awesome I almost watched all your videos

superduperskata says:

I’d just like to remind you guys that this is functional strength FOR PARKOUR. Functional only means it’s transferable to something, without specifying what.

Mohammed Zaid says:

Please reply

Humberto Arreaza says:

excellent! thanks for sharing

Joschua Zander says:

exercises are all fine but i would love to see some exotic vaults or some inspiration how some martial arts could get into my Parcour

Ish's Insight says:

As always, love it!

nick hayes says:

since there’s fuck all resistance for these exercises… physical development will be very mininmal, this is not for anyone looking to grow muscles.

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