Tempest Freerunning Academy’s grand opening is April 2, 2011. Watch this epic video show casing some of the obstacles and areas found at The Academy. Tempest Freerunning Academy is California’s first indoor training facility solely dedicated to the growth and spread of freerunning and parkour. If you would like to attend this once in a lifetime event please checkout Tempest Academy’s website. Hope to see you there. Enjoy!

MUSIC: Ellie Goulding – Lights (Bassnectar Remix)
Download the Full Track Here: http://bit.ly/gf3lzI

Directed by Victor Showtime Lopez
Edit by Paul Diddy Darnell
DP / Color by Chad Bonanno
(http://www.chadbonanno.com )



AlleenSem says:


Twisted Dimension says:

I can’t even make it all the way to California… dang. I wish it was somewhere closer. I need to practice somewhere. my area doesn’t have a place where I can practice.

Tiny sandwich Girl 111 says:

Villa same here

Mista Dux Gaming says:

I would hate to play tag with these people

Olga Montano says:

do you guys have more in the country?

juggling Logan says:

this is crazy, good job

hudson Speares says:

That was sick but how many tries did it take you to get all that right

Geroo Mellado says:

no me deja verloooo

Parkour X-pert says:

that place looks awesome that I wanna go there

Malcolm Payne says:

well, if Shia says so.

Cody Buckley says:

I can only do a front flip and a back flip , and a wall bounce a dolphin dive

tepigtrainer33 YT says:

I want to go here so bad

Christian Hicks says:

I live an hour and 30 mins away I gotta go there

Yuki Son says:

“cool” rest in pieces camera

Kinlee And Elijah says:

what kind of flip is that at 0:47 – 0:50?? I HAVE TO LEARN THAT!!

Mr. Doob says:

When you want to parkour but you’re afraid you’ll hurt yourself


Fuji Fama says:

The game theorist made a YouTube red with this parkour place

dan taylor says:

Wonder if the car park has it’s own Ambulance space?

Sharkey Shorts says:

My dream place to be

maribel salas says:

Whenever a video game needs parkour, they call these guys.

Lion X says:

Central Florida

Nick K says:

It would be my dream to go there!

Lion X says:

Can tempest make one in Florida

Rainbaw says:

1:50 – 1:54 makes me dieee

iPhantom x says:

I wanna go there. Im a 13 year old parkourist i have been doing it since i was 11

Su Farias says:

o fano onde é ese tempest

JamzaDZN ™ says:

i am brazil, i love tempest

Silty Scorpion says:

Is this Freerunning Academy in Ireland?
Please say it is!!!

Reveca Rodriguez says:

wow this is cool

UltraUmbra says:

Where is this?

Le 'Boin says:

Id want to take those classes

Ukulele Kaya says:

1:30 the only mistake


they make my parkour look like trash i wanna go there

Lucas Boisneau says:

Coolest video ever !! One day I’ll go there. Wait, I live in France…

Zach - Kun says:

That boy who hitted ya

Caleb da gamer says:

This vid inspired me and I want to do this as a hobby

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