Teaching Parkour at a High School Gym Class in Ohio

Had an awesome opportunity to make trip to Ohio and teach parkour at a high school.
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Wolfgang Slayer says:

U think u can come to my school

Asuna Yakimy says:

And im 19 now so yeah

Quinten Noll says:

Can you come to my school and teach parkour

Andrewcomp says:

Man the way you teach is fantastic I am amazed at what you taught them

Clawdeen2545wolfia10 AJ says:

I need this at my school

Quinten Noll says:

Pa = Pennsylvania

CaT Vee says:

I have never seen a whole gym class participate in my life….. This can’t be. Is this an extra credit thing?

Blazin Endy says:

Where did you get the vaulting box thing

Aaron Is Lame says:

Those kids are super white

Spencer Thom says:

you helped my do parkour I am still lerning but I am good at it

PePe ThE FrOg says:

Wish I had this training in my school

Ana Kraus says:


TmegaK says:

ohio… is your city?

MyOneAndOnly AndYoursTruely says:

I want this at my school…

RasmusCod says:

This is so cool!

Fanta Gero says:

Nice I parkour at the end of school when home time I go parkour with my friends for like 30min-1hr

PandaPvP07 says:

My name Ronnie To! Nice bruh! Btw I’m good with gymnastics

Samantha Cox says:

OMG I just looked at the gym and realized you did that at the high school 5 minutes from my house

M'toasty says:

i do judo and we have to roll quite a bit and dammnn these kids suck at roling

Born to Flip says:

I broke my foot doing a backflip but this video is cool

Dimitri says:

Ohio is where i from

Elizabeth.omg says:

I have been doing parkour for 5 months I can barley do a wal run

Noah Kie says:

Man I wish I was there but I’m to young to go where ever I want

Asuna Yakimy says:

I started doing parkor sience I was 7years old

Quinten Noll says:

Mu school is in usa pa dover intermediate

Hamster Time! says:

8:08 thought it was Brendon Urie for a sec.. lol

nekoboy152 says:

Yooo if you want to teach parkore at a school you sould teach my school

dorothy stoudemire says:

I started park our at 5

That_cat21 says:

There’s always that one kid that can backflip

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