Strength Training And Conditioning For Parkour 2

The sequel to our strength training video. Featuring a variety of exercises which utilise the available environment. Consider this video not as an absolute definitive guide, but as a collection of ideas which conveys an overall ideology of being creative in your training. Take from it what you find useful, and disregard what doesn’t work for you. Feel free to modify any of the exercises shown in this video to better suit your own requirements.


Paul Maunder
Dave Sedgley
Dean Cheetham

Plus guest appearances by:

Adam Marr
Claire Cheetham

Music courtesy of Afferent, and The Dark Matter

Thanks to Sam Highfield for use of the green screen

Copyright Northern Parkour 2010

For those of you who send me messages asking about such things, here’s a list of the equipment and software used in the production of this video:

Sony Z5 camera
Final Cut Pro (Editing)
Motion (Graphics)
Shake (Digital compositing and rotoscoping)
Pro Tools (Audio Mix)
Color (Colour correction and grading)
Quicktime Pro (H.264 conversion from Apple Pro Res master)


pacman30ify says:

9:17 was funny

lukas matusevicius says:

half or more ho loves and know how to parour cant do that

Joshua Cash says:

@ 0:40 yu were doing pull up type things, i need to be able to do this so i can get on top of areas where i cant cat hang from. any advice on how to work to get to do that. any help would be much apreciated. thnx

Madamnesia says:

allenamento utilissimo per i topi d’appartamento


Grant Doran says:

That jump was fake as shit

Melissa-Kristine Allingham says:

I love how effortless all of the moves look!

Kevin Cochran says:

that’s amazing you guys got discipline. You guys would make master sergeant in the military real fast or you could even be a shalin monk with all that strength.

Adrenaline Addiction says:

Great vids! Keep it up!

MrSploX says:

noobs scrubs l2parkour. 1v1 on jumping on rust

pax etheria says:

OMG stop the sickness!  The lateral body raises on standing bars IS ILL!  More and more every frame!!  Oughterbealaw against it….envyenvyenvy.  STOP.  (jealous grrrl)

WolfPack says:

i am 14 years old and i do parkour for a month have a look i have a few more vids of parkour on my channel.

Anmeldn says:

you showed awesome advanced bwe exercises. Could make a video with parkourmoves-specific exercises or drills?

Thiago Pereira says:

Good job!!

Miklas Kuoppala says:

Really good ideas! But.. those squats etc can be bad for your knees when your knee goes further than your toes. Also your back can get injury from lifting eg. people with.a bad posture. Thanks for the video! Maybe you could update?

Reese Keene says:

at 1:35 i would die if i tryed

kenji ieda says:


Rafael N says:

4:17 the guy in the back is like ”wut?” then like ”oh” then again ”wut, he is still there?”

Mrius86 says:

Very cool music.

pacman30ify says:

im not doing squats but everything else… y not

Jakub Kameníček says:

Amazing video!! Thank you 🙂

Lagwagoner says:

what a bout the reps for and series for every exercise… Thanks for the vid

Boris Marjanovic says:

It looks like you have no freaking idea what you are doing. Do you even follow any routine? ^^’

Mysth Night says:

Whats the name of the rope you use for some of the training methods?

NJhawkins Studios says:

look at that guy he’s eating ruskes what an idiot

Adrian Cojocariu says:

Shit, they should have told that 80 foot jump was fake before trying on my own. PS. I’m dead now.

Bobbyboy532 says:

yeah i think ill go now

mrzack888 says:

modern day urban shaolin training

andreeaadn says:

I’m starting to like this, but I’m getting really frustrated with my weak legs.
I’m looking for some variations on leg conditioning.

Current state: Weak upper body, one-legged jumps are too much – bad knees.

Ideal exercise: A workout to get from point A to point B, not counting reps, without monotony, something a child would do. Something I can do everyday, for free(no gym).

Other info:
I do enjoy crawling, animal walks, some jumps.
Nothing bodyweight seems to be hard enough to get me muscle soreness in the legs.Apparently it has to be a long workout to get me that.
I’m starting to believe the only short thing that would help is lifting weights…

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