Star Wars Parkour In Real Life (Lightsaber Training)

Star Wars Parkour In Real Life with lightsaber flips and training. Darth Starflipper trains all kinds of lightsaber parkour and tricking with awesome lightsabers!

Filmed by: Adam MacLaren

Filmed at: Laws of Motion ( for parkour classes and more)

Music: Duel of the fates metal cover

Staff lightsaber : Ultrasabers
Single bladed: saberforge (
Lightwhip: saberforge (


Sunny X69 says:

Nick how could you choose the Dark Side

Hikaru Joestar says:

What is the coupler you use for your saber staff ? I can’t find it anywhere and the quick coupler from ultrasabers looks nothing like yours.

Ratio Tile says:

you’d make a grear team with ray park

roman jakubczyk says:

nick noob


Master Nick at his finest

Professor da Sabedoria says:

if they ever decide to quit playin and make a new star wars force unleashed, they should cast you as the motion capture performance actor

lit fam says:

was that a real lightsaber

Galactic Joseph, AKA SwagNinja says:

Impressive, but can you go Pong Krell style by using 2 saber-staffs?

بشار وليد علوان says:

It,s good

Mitchell Racing says:

Your the coolest Star Wars YouTuber ever! Great job keep it up

kai LLOYD brother says:

That is fake

Renitta Francis says:

Is darthmall à good jetey

William Entwistle says:

Are thos real lightsaber?!

ThatPokemonMaster says:

I really want that kind of lightsaber because they are so cool but I have the ones with thick hilts so I can’t do any tricks with them ☹️☹️☹️

Gretchen Aguas says:

Oh and also you have to be a jedi nick

Jakob _ says:

A Sith


Jackyboy Videos says:

Nick is the best better than the rest

Chase the gamer says:

You’re the best nick pro I subscribed

Moses Horwitz says:

Light wip, that’s different. Is that difficult?

Max Morse says:

I love star wars

GavinVision says:

0:27 I can do that that’s a butterfly

Gretchen Aguas says:

3:59 not very nice

Patience Mavinga says:

Awesome lightsabers

Bulyaki GT says:

Probably the best Nick Pro video I have ever seen because NICK PRO LOOKS SO PRO! Wow

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