Q&A How To Overcome Plateau’s in Parkour Training?

Sometimes you reach a point in training where you struggle to progress. I experience the same thing and give some tips on how to get past that.




one of manny

Mary Avery says:

nice video and I think u should keep your beard

Tobias Ottinger says:

Good video, very relaxing. I have a parkour related question: With a 360 vault, you’re taking off the right leg, using the right hand as support hand, jumping over your left side and spinning to the right. With the reverse vault, you’re taking off the right leg, using the right hand, though inverted,as support hand, jumping over your right side and spinning to your left. I’ve been doing a vault like a reverse, but where I’m not inverting the hand, and also jumping off the left leg and then spinning to the left over the obstacle. Is there a name vor that?

Hamnuna Kohler says:

thanx so much i needid this so much

Psychotically Bicotic says:

hey Ronnie, how does one get over the fear of clipping when trying to do a thief vault or a dash vault or stuff like that?

Dragan Gagi Jakovljevic says:


Josh Reddersen says:

Hey Ronnie could you check out my new parkour video, That would be awesome.

Mason Frank says:

I feel like I should give up on Parkour and Freerunning. No one really supports me and all they say is “Be careful” or “You’re gonna get hurt”… In addition to that, there aren’t many places in Utah (or at least where i live) to train…

Jacob Tudan says:

If I am feeling I am plateauing with a new move or getting better at old ones, one thing that has worked fantastically for me is this. If I am training and I feel that I am not improving in general, I take a break from it and do other things. Than the next day, I come out and drill stuff. Do it over and over again and even if I feel it’s not getting better, I keep doing it until something clicks and I start improving rapidly after that. This has enabled me to get over plateus in a week instead of a couple of months.

KDC Parkour says:

Ronnie your amazing

Gerben van Egmond says:

My way to get motivated is indeed to let myself have fun doing what I can do already, but when I feel low on motivation, seeing an epic video always motivates. I’m not such a good free runner yet and sometimes that’s exactly why I feel unmotivated, but when watching a video (mostly one of yours, Ronnie) I immediately feel like I just wanna and gotta train and be happy with any slightest bit of progress

Possum Jenkins says:

I thought this video was gonna be about physical plateus

Assasincreedgamer/ Dcgamer says:

Thanks Ronnie!I actually needed this cuz there’s like a wooden football pitch in my school which I always climb on but I was stuck getting down the other way and after this video I got lot more inspired in a way and after the holidays I’m sure to get back down the other way! (p.s keep up the good work!)

That's Classified ??? says:

34 comment

Optimal Shot says:

I thought the title meant an actual plateau like u would do a double Kong over or something lol

Freerunner105 says:

Very nice tips, ur so inspiring! Thx a lot 🙂

Thibault Marquis says:

Really cool video I love your’s q and a from ronnie always cool tips

Kevin Zahn says:

Its so amazing
You Videos are really cool and all Thinge this no dislikes ^^

Bjarki Rafn says:

So so helpfull!

onni ojala says:

love ur vids

Evan Pahuta says:

What do I do if I want to train but I don’t have access to a lot of things

SonicMatt says:

how did you start flip training? I do not have a gym nearby to practice with mats and im not sure what the best way to go about it would beI can do flips easily on a trampoline, but flatground is obviously more dangerous

onni ojala says:


David M says:

I recently pulled off a Kash vault without being able to do a Dash vault, which taught me that there are always unexpected ways of developing skills – I am using the conbination to learn the base move now, when I thought that a Kash was something that would come later, after I had the base moves.

Parkour Every Day Keeps the Doctor Away says:

I find that training with other people helps me get over “plateau’s;” it shows me different styles of training, teaches me new things to train and new places to train, and helps me stay motivated.

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