Parkour Tutorial: Beginner Level

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Learn Parkour with a Parkour Tutorial for Beginners: Basic Moves and Helpul Tips.

Gavin Killough teaches the basics of Parkour!

yeah…I know I spelled precision as “prescision”………….


Rolling sky says:

Cool ☺

Gaming 4girls says:

so cool

TrueMCPrimeXX says:

I mean 10k likes to 1k likes is good in my mind

Stephanie Alice says:

Watch this in slow speed guys! 🙂

TrueMCPrimeXX says:

Good vid.

CyanWolf says:

Man I have respect for this kid, hes capable of doing this at his age, that’s pretty good. Y’all needa stop being so rude, you’ve all clearly come here to learn how to do it and your saying he’s shit, he can do a hella lot more than y’all. Good on yah.
Respect man

Paper Carrot Studios says:

Thanks you really helped me out!

Vaughn Pflug says:

how tall r u exactly
you are GOOD!

Angie Gunn says:

on the thing “Not Parkour” it can be used in PARKOUR

Insayne Parkour says:

I really enjoyed this video. You are an excellent traceur! Keep up the good work.

Editsquał 吾马艾 says:

1. This is not parkour, this is only freerun! 2. You never land on your whole leg but on toes! and 3. this part where u signed “NOT PARKOUR” this is parkour! 😉 parkour is where u do flips and other things and freerun,… the word says itself!

Nalu10 Gaming says:

everyone can do it but they choose not to

H20 iperior says:

its rong when its not parckour its what ever you see that you can do

aj wagner says:

this kid may or may not be better than me. but at least he knows the difference.

Jirka says:


zhenology says:

The monkey /Kong vault is too hard for me,how am I supposed to do it

Zom Iraq says:

im love

Little Nick says:

He is showing off cause he can backflip

GWGThePlayer says:

how old are you?

Deadblast says:

Your not parkour is better than the parkour……..

L.O.S.G. says:

The parkour freerunning comparison was slighty off, let me just confirm for everyone. Parkour is getting from one place to another as fast as possible using skills like vaults, precisions, and climbing to navigate the environment. Freerunning involves using tricks, like flips, and some martial arts techniques to basically show off, to put it bluntly.

Aaron Mclean says:

Dude your really good keep up the good work

Thepijus72 says:

thats to hard for beginer i started to parkour at 2017-04-06 but i only can do presicion and fast vault

Havok Vengence says:

Some of the not parkour are parkour

Best Noob Ever says:

Thanks for the video!! this will help!

SavageGirls YT says:

For all the annoying nine year olds saying,” That was parkour when you said free running.”

Free running: being a show off and running as stylish as you could to point A to B

Parkour: traveling as fast as you could to go point A to point B.

Sandro Skronias says:

Can someone explain me the logic that, im one of the weakest people in my class, but I can still scale walls which are almost twice my height in an explosive force, and my friends in class who are the strongest, can’t climb a wall which they are taller from

Can We Get 10,000 SUBS WITH NO VIDS? says:


Nalu10 Gaming says:

parkour is basically your body moving

Vaughn Pflug says:

I cant do the kong jump

Daniel Hickman says:

Why did it say not parkour at the top but it was better than the stuff he is telling us to do

Jomel Sanchez Sanchez says:

its easy to do a backflip but the problem is people get in my way

dallas47736 says:

hey bud moving around is considerd parkour if you do something that you didnt know you could do that is parkour

Ninja Nick says:

Wow. This is an amazing tutorial! Just wow.

TheInzaneGamer says:

Where is the dash at? Basic aswell

DeltaRyan says:


Jirka says:

This is not parkour and tuturial

Herobrine Crew says:

1:53 how to and 2:02 and 3:38

pepehorhae says:

the kid looks wimpy but does it very well and smooth! great vid keep it up!

predator plays says:

kids keep getting in my way its fucking annoying

FreeRunMaze ' says:

this is not a tutorial

The rebelgamer says:

There was no difference in his so called not parkour but keep trying kid

lounes kamikaze says:

me and you twin in parkour

Vass Rolland says:

the thing that you called “not parkour” is called free running

Ash Games says:

its my dream to be actually good at parkour and this really helped me in the first step

Zaya Jackson says:

I’m just saying here.

But Parkour is basically another name for Free running and it’s pretty much they same thing somehow.

Freerunning is Mostly pulling something off Fast as possible without thinking about it(Like Jumping over a railing, Swinging from a pole without doing an actual stunt.) Parkour isn’t much different, but it is in a way.(Considering you have to time most of your jumps to keep yourself from failing badly and ending up in the hospital with Broken bones or really bad bruises. I’ve seen a lot of it through Youtube. Trust me on that.) But nonetheless, Good video.

Pink water says:

look, it’s young nathan drake

KingCrown says:


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