Parkour Training – Jesse La Flair

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Some Parkour clips from a little solo training session today at UCLA. Nothing to crazy but I wanted to share it with you anyway. I am constantly putting new stuff up on my instagram ( and Facebook ( so I thought I would make a new video for you here. If you haven’t subscribed then why not click here

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Austin Evans says:

holy crap

Anaa Abbas Rizvi says:

Great job on Uncharted 4 Jesse! 😀
I love the way you explain in your videos too!
Basically, you’re my idol man. Wouldn’t have started Parkour if it wasn’t for you 😀

RainerBainer.B.S says:

such flow much wow

Dieno Zanoria says:

LOL!! 55 sec

Pure.parkour says:

This is some pure parkour 100%

Callum Harding says:

Some great jumps

Frost Freerunning says:

damn that rusian flip at like 0:40 was dope

Gianni Figueroa says:

these videos need to be longer Jesse please

Plague Head says:

You know, I want a city for parkour. Instead of roads, there would be parkour pathways of different difficultly. If you want to add on to this city, reply what kinda rules/laws you would have in this parkour city

Ernestas Vidinevičius says:


Sebastien Fredericks says:

What stunts did you do in uncharted 4? I really wanna see you doing them in a suit XD

Jonathan3Run says:

Amazing video Jesse!!!

Hope Simpson says:

Awesome video as always are you going to do tutorials again.

Connor Hagerty says:

solid bro, pleasant edit

shenlong919 says:

How do you usually train your leg? I mean you jump so high! That was awesome! I hope I can be just like you!

maria de los angeles lopez says:

Go La Flair American Ninja Warrior

ScopeZ KillerZz says:

where are u Jesse

Phúc Maiii says:

That’s so cool bro!!!!

Slappy Dapper says:

Oh my god he actually followed up on my comment on the recent videos! Awesome!

Paris H. says:

upload more plz 🙁

Ovidiu Dodan says:

Hey jesse! How tall are you? I ask this because you seem tall in your videos but you can do awesome things! I am tall as well and i wanna now if this can affect me in positive way or negative way in parkour/freerunning.

BeastEnte says:

What type of camera is being used in this video?

JyeThePieGuy says:

#131 comment

Dennis Jose says:

post ur videos faster pls!

Guillermo Castillo says:

que locura hermano eres serio

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