Parkour Training Grid For Beginners: No Obstacles No Problem – Flatground Parkour Training

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In this video I wanted to share with you a simple way we can train some of our parkour basics on flat ground with no obstacles. Early in my parkour training I had trouble finding good parkour spots to train so I had to come up with creative ways to train my basics. I know a lot of us are dealing with the same issue. This video shows you a simple parkour training grid that can be easily created in your backyard, at home, or any area that has flat ground. I use ducktape in this demonstration but you can use, chalk, lines, and even shoes to create a similar grid for yourself.

This way we can dial in our basics in parkour quickly and safely.

So watch this video and set up a grid like this to easily train and master some of your basic techniques for parkour. 😉

Train safe,

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Gsh. Svhc says:

i love it….

tomika SAUNDERS says:

Hi, I was wondering what are the measurement I you used for the grid in this video.

cnw2000 says:

i think one of your videos are on ridiculousness

Ellie Treverton says:

I’m 10 years old and Learnt to perfect the kong vault from that! (I’m in a parlour club BTW) thanks!

Ranjim Prabal Das says:

Its awesome training technique!!…

Brianna Matusaitis says:

I’m only 10 should this be good for me

Ranjim Prabal Das says:

I will be using my flooring tiles to practice this.The lines on the flooring can help me.As I cant do ths much because I am only 12.

Divakar Raj says:
Lachey 7 says:

the kong vault was the first vault i ever did and im pretty good at it im not trying to brag

Ellie Treverton says:

Stupid auto correct

Daniel Sölvegård says:

Thats some awesome ducktape

CptSwiftMC says:

good idea with the tape

unkown man says:

I love the video and specially the tape he he =)

TheJennRogue says:

i think padded floor would be essential for a learner in anything like this

Fewtzama says:

I think he was the one who done america ninja warrior naked lol

smash says:

I watched your kong vault video and it worked perfect I did it for the fist time today and I’m 12

AL Eshem says:

Thanks for this great idea!

CardsFlowerGMS says:

im living with my parents home how can i draw a grid on the ground they wont let me do it o-o

Apples Oranges says:

I wish my hair looked that cool.

Everything Flash says:

you’ve taught me so much I just have to lose some fat now and I’ll be good

Grisel Beltrán says:

Loved the tape consept and for the advertiasment Tapp Brothers

James Warren says:


KDOGG331 says:

Awesome video, thanks 🙂 But I’m wondering, how far apart are the lines?

jumpy studios says:

i hate parcour in real life but roblox yes

Matías Rodríguez says:

I cant do any of this because my dad says i do a lot of noise and annoy the neightbours

Little Weirdo says:

my cousin loves parkour so much, he did this on his backyard, he used spraypaint and sprayed the lines

OussTox says:

really awesome

Gael Quitalig says:

i love this video. i must try this! thanks dude! ^^

Syed Asif Iqbal says:

I mean my small bro can kong vault and he is 9

David Dada says:

Nice ! I do the same kind of training but with parking lane. It works very well too.

yesilöz mihriban says:

perfect help! thankyou so much!>.< at first i said that i will never do it im not good for it its impossible...but now i whatching your videos and it give me power!I hope i will learn it♥ thx for the help**

Hugo Le Bohec says:

Could you give us the dimensions for the grid?

Joshua Ray says:

u all suck at parkouring

kerry hayward says:

hey, could you do a home workout tutorial, so we can get stronger without having to work in conditions that could be dangerous such as pouring rain and icy conditions?

ps, massive fan of your videos

Noble parkour Spider says:

loved it

xps xpd says:

your the best 🙂

cool dog says:

Only the best get back up” also only stong pepole are best, im shakey from parkour and i started today your video helped me get a little good

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