Parkour Training Game You Can Play With Friends Or Group

Parkour Training Game You Can Play With Friends Or Group
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We were training some parkour and freerunning with the buddies, D’Ondrai Jones and Charlie Geier and decided to play the parkour training game “Add on”.

Add on is a great parkour training game that you can play with your friends or a group that will help you learn new moves and improve your flow in parkour.

Game Rules:

– The Game is simple you can play with 2 or more people.
– Pick a spot that you can perform a parkour run. This can range from an epic scaffolding set up, walls, or as simple as a hand rail or curbs.
– The goal is to perform a fluid parkour run in this one spot, move by move.
– The first guy starts by performing only 1 parkour move (this can be a vault, roll, climb up, precision, rail walk, or a weird flow move you make up ha
– Then the second guy goes next and has to perform the same move that the first guy performed and then follow it with his own move.
– Then it’s to the next person in line or back to the first person, depending on how many people you have.
– With each person adding there own move to the run, you get a pretty epic parkour run created by multiple people.
– Keep on adding a move until you get tired of the spot or it’s just too many moves to remember and then you can start over in a new spot or with a different person starting.
– When it’s your turn aim to make the run and combination of moves as fluid and smooth as possible with good speed. This will really help develop your skill.
– Also if it’s your turn and you forget what move comes next, then you owe 10 pushups after the game. And for everytime you mess up add 10 more pushups. So if you forget or mess up the run 5 times in total during the game you owe 50 pushups

As always train safe and see you in the next video!

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deathspace317 says:

Make a vid of you doing 20 push-ups. We wanna see >:D

Cha-cha Kyamba says:
yee jiat says:

Wat do u call tat spinning leg thing. The one u were supposed to do but u did the Italian job instead

Ryan Houston says:

im all alone

Mike Giorgianni says:

this game is really cool, I’ve been planning on getting my friends started into parkour and this will help. I’ve seen this game a few places before but never really knew all the moves.

Damon Sitsler Parkour says:

Hey can you guys make a video about wanting to quit parkour because you think you can never be as good as other traceurs. My friends are getting discouraged because of this. I wrote this to inspire them “Use other people being better to inspire you. When I do parkour all I do is think about those people better than me, and it doesn’t make me want to quit. It makes me want to be better than them it inspires me to work harder! That’s how you should look at it. There is always someone better. Always. Try to be that someone.” You can use it if you want. Thanks Jonathan and Thomas! You guys are awesome!

Slappy Dapper says:

Oh that move unique did at the end. How do you do it

ElitexWolf says:

gonna try this now 🙂

FairGaming01 (YoutubeArea) says:

First! 😀

Jazz Maker says:

damn love that hair

Lalaine Hervaci says:

Is i ok to do parkour when im fat and what do you think are my chances i just started and perfected my safety vault

Will Barton says:

Nice video, i’d like to see an underbar tutorial 

Sam Reast says:

Thanks for listening u the best bro carry on

Eat My Beef says:

im fat but these vids made me a parkour master at 180 pounds!!!!!!

Tristan Roufs says:

I’m twelve but I can’t find any buddies to do parkour with

Jonny Cousins Parkour says:

Nice! Ronnie Shalvis also made a video about add on

Tyrone Aisel says:

Hey tappbrothers. My name is Tyrone and I love to parkour, I have trained since I was 8 years old! My two cousins love to train with me and I have made parkour fun and not as scary to the kids in my neighborhood and now we have a parkour clan of friends who love to parkour. So far there are 7 of us and we still have people who want to join in and train. Can you please check out my YouTube channel? I still have a lot of videos to post and can you subscribe to my channel. My name is Tyrone Aisel… That’s the channel name but we will have another channel by 8/5/15 and I’m a big fan of your channel because it helps me WAY more than most others. I have trained my self until I found your channel and now… I’m training other kids in the neighborhood. I’m only thirteen and I hope to join American Ninja Warrior one day.

Ach Hadda says:

wow this is amazing <3

Lee The Goat says:

its like symon says

ParkourHistory372 Sam says:

I’m training in a group and most of the group loves parkour

Gregory Sullivan says:

do you have a way to make friends like parkour??

Mathias Krogh-Christensen says:

what is the name of that kind of shirt that Thomas is wearing?

Quin lan says:

Or just take turns playing follow the leader 😀

Hugh James-Berry says:

I always thought it was a bad idea to use exercise (pushups in this case) as a punishment. It creates a negative association. It should be whoever *wins* gets to do 10 pushups lol

Hero United says:

In NZ Auckland Heilandpark Flow is a Parkour Brake Dancing ACADEMY

Tejas Singh says:

awesome game to play with friends when bored. Thanks tappbrothers .

Black Wing says:

Nice game i go and test it know ^^
And dont forget youre 20 push-ups

Black Wing says:

Can you make a tutorial fore tge crazy fot-spin ?

Warren Escherich says:

Definitely sharing on youtube and fb:) Thanks for the great game!:)

Justin Rutherford says:

How to begin if haven’t parkoured in your life

st68347 says:

Most of my friends are fat lazy gamers

Ashutosh Patil says:

show moves in slow motion pls

goose guy says:

can you do a tutorial on the move at 2:02

Dante Cortez says:

I play a really fun one, roll tag, just tag but you can only roll

SauciestTub5 says:

I gonna try to do the same run! It was a awesome “free run training” hold on!

Noel Tan says:

hi. just watched the video. can someone teach me how to do the jump in the video 2:46? I’ve tried really hard to learn it but my leg always tends to swing to the side and do the double hand vault instead.

Gg I'm weird says:

I have 2 friends who love parkour so this is really cool but I have this one guy always (neither of the 2) who keeps on saying he’s bored as fuck and wants to got to my home we to play BO3. Me and my other 2 friends keep on getting pissed off at him but our parents say we gotta include him. But thanks for the game.

Jathan Rusk says:

I’m 13yrs old 215lbs can I do parkour

Mig7thebestc says:

So play zombies, one is the zombie of u get caught ur another zombie till last man standind izi

Jacquie Gordon says:

I wanted to try this, but then I remembered that everyone I know hates parkour :'(

Rahmael says:

this is a great game. we call it “flow up”

Carlo Arvin Alava says:

This is really helpful to shift the routine jam Im having most of the time. More videos to come. ^^ Thanks.

Arunabh Bora says:

You guys are great. Really love your videos.

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