Working on my parkour before team ninja warrior! Don’t forget to like and subscribe!


Geo Master says:

that guy in the background seriously just did the sickest dab I have ever seen 2:57

Seungjae Yun says:

2:24 to 2:25 Fortnite logic

DaltonxDalton says:

Bro more videos

KamClimbs says:

Lmao does ninja warrior but is scared of heights. Also sick video. Yo what rep ranges when training do you do. Becuase it imagine you’d have the same type of training as a gymnast aiming for good strength to bodyweight ratio

okay okay-Dogew00f says:

Do you go to the Gym often?

Craig Tweddell says:

Your life looks like so much fun!

Jordan Burkhardt says:

Do you know where the tickets are online for team ninja warrior? i found them last year on some casting website but I cant find them again

Caleb Auer says:

PUMPED to see the behind the scenes of team ninja warrior!

Can You Really says:

Were you get your background music from

TheRManProds says:

My Nickname is the PARKOUR NINJA!!!!!!!!

Jordan Burkhardt says:

team ninja warrior is dependent on parkour skills, your training is definitely perfectly set up for you to win

okay okay-Dogew00f says:

I have a fear of heights.

Drew Nester says:

Awesome video I am very excited to watch you guys on team ninja warrior! Will you be doing another Q and A?

Jordan Burkhardt says:

2:58 lol wtf

Bluegamerducky says:

100th one to like!

Jos De Wrede says:

nice intro

Resistakill LoL says:

Do you know of any Ninja Warriors who have made it onto the course from Colorado Springs? I would really like to find a partner or someone to be able to build a course or even find a building to create a Ninja gym. Unfortunately, I don’t have the income to build something like this yet by myself. Loving your videos so far, and soon to be joining my local rock climbing gym, City Rock, once my lease is up (attempting the car life for a month to save up some money).

Antônia Fernandes says:


Joshua Auer says:

CAN NOT WHAT to see you at Team ninja warrior

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