Parkour Training at Night

Did some night parkour training. And provide night training tips.
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PJ Sauer says:

I really enjoy these training videos!! keep up the great work man

Gilliegizer The boss says:


Edwin J says:

Awesome video

Vinh Lê PRO says:

I like your music! It really makes those movements more beautiful

Trent Daniel says:

Ronnie how old are you?

Progress into Freerunning says:

nice video!

Aguilar Harada says:

Amazing vid Ronnie.Can you tell me few advice about parkour because im beginner in parkour?
I have 21 years if wanna know.

OEWE says:

Love watching these relaxing freerun/parkour videos

Silas Parkour says:

Great video !

Hamzah Waheed says:

can you make a new tutorial on how to do the cork and the cheat gainer

Eetu Ukkola says:

is it hard to spot the ground with flips when it’s so dark?

Martin Pusar says:

How long is your broad jump? BTW love your videos!

Mr. Biggles says:

hey ronnie can you say me how i can flip faster (i mean the rotation) thanks for your help beforehand

and sorry for my english i’am from germany 😀

five fact maniac says:


Hamzah Waheed says:

I really like these night parkour and free running videos so please make more

Justin Gates says:

That was a really cool 1! Thanks for the neat training vlog!

Duncan Hamby says:

I’ve been told I shouldn’t do parkour because I’m tall and probably wouldn’t be able to anyway. How true is that?

guitarristagalactico 3000 says:

i love you ;-;

FAVvideos says:

I sprained my feet/ankles doing flips (either from punching or landing too hard, or both) outside and now I can’t really do anything, even though my parkour instincts are itching 😛

Weasel Guts says:

How’s your ankle?

Sheeps Vlogs says:

Ronnie can you do a session of b-twist practicing because i would like some inspiration for when im learning them

KaeL says:

More of these night trainings Ronnie ! …if you manage to stay awake though ^^ . Really relaxing to watch, and as inspiring as ever.

Hamzah Waheed says:

the only thing that motivates me to go out is to do parkour

Ballistic FTW Nathan says:

do draw my life

APSune says:

35th lol ez? Sorry I wasted your time… hope you have a great rest of your day scrolling through youtube comments.

SamuelFluids says:

I was doing a roof climb last night-never climbed this roof before. To get to the very top we has to walk along this thin edge and if we feel we would of died. Long story short, i was walking along it and i stepped into a drain pipe hole. I fell over but luckly i didnt fall to my death. So the moral is to be careful at night 😀 Thanks Ronnie aswell, youve inspired me to do parkour but its a shame as i can really only train once a week due to school.Keep up the good work

DJS Parkour says:


Flammable Inventor says:

What if u saw him like jumping building to building.

Naveed says:

Which shoes are you wearing in this vid?

Markus Marten Filatov says:

can u help me with balance? pls

Thaïs says:

Parkour at night is sooo hypnotic! I tried it once and the lights were making a totally different atmosphere, it was like I was in a new place. The darkness all around you makes you feel alone with the structure you use, it’s a really surprising experience ^^

Bubba show says:


Aniket Jadhav says:

so cool ronnie

gaming beast says:

why don’t you participate in red bull art of motion?
you are best for that.

Matthieu Aubert says:

Love the mosic and also your parkour style !

Legolas Greenleaf says:


grizly cody says:

Thank you so much for this. I always train at night because I still haven’t gotten over the fear of training in front of others. I’m working on it though 😉

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