Parkour Gym Training

Some flow training and flip work, once again at the Monkeyvault. Sorry this video took so long, I was barely able to get this out because of my crappy computer. I will be getting one in about a month so expect another video by then.

Music: Rob Gasser – I’m Here (feat. The Eden Project)


Jeremiah Tyree says:

where is that place

S4MU3L says:

Mouth mount?;)

Jaret Brown says:

were is this at

Next Generation says:

Monkey vault! I go there!

Wade Miracle says:

awsome dude keep up with the great work

ChandlerX360 says:


Rosaire says:


Daniel Muscalu says:

Wow youre awesome
Good job

Joshua Green says:

good job

zachshadey says:

just found your channel, really like the parkour man. i subbed.

Олжас Мутигулла says:

1:53 Girls spotted, do the pickup master movement 😀

MegaRealZex says:

How did you learn parkour?

Aereo Gamer says:

Where are this place????

oldaccount! says:

Nice video, parkour skills!

tadastadas81 says:

You smart. You loyal. I apreciate that.

Rosaire says:


Milky Strawberry says:

My dad has got the same shoes :3 Anyways good video !

Dennis Shatohin says:

The monkey vault. I go there all the tims

SuperJ says:

Awesome video keep up the great work! XD

Kevin Kusterer says:

your doing well in freerunning but i think you should do more parkour. You should work in your Kong and precisions and running precisions

TheLittleFreeRunner says:

nice man! i subscribe! go look my chanel, parkour pov !

DA BO$$123 says:

That’s the best parkour gym I’ve seen were r u

SgameLand! land says:

Super,c’est où

UnpredictableCraZ says:

This is in monkey vault i know this area well

SgameLand! land says:

Merci mes quelle ville

Mates DOGG says:


don't do DRUGS says:

I do parkour but i don,t know how to do a barrel roll correctly im always doing the barrel at the wrong time

Absolute Zero says:

where is that gym?

Aussie Mofo says:

this is probe one of my favourite vids on youtube

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