Parkour at Night – How Training in the Dark is Beneficial

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Connor Hawk says:

great video, great training, great spots!

Drea Burine says:

what type of shoes are those?

Eric Tate says:

how do you practice for balance so you don’t fall of the bar

OrbitalParkour says:

I like to use duct tape to attach a torch to my shoulder, when I train in the dark.

parkour bros46 says:


Ruben Freerun says:

how to get over the fear of doing flips on stone ?

Ismel Frias says:

“Hey yo… give me tha phone…”

Dovahkiin Dan says:

dont go alone he said. he went alone.

Joel Arnoldsson says:

I’ve only watched you for two days and I’ve already learned so much! Thank you! 😀

Paragon Knight says:

Ronnie just joined the “dark side” of parkour.

Rhino Games says:

Is this a remake

Bruno Martins says:

i think it was in here that he maked the video of 10 parkour moves that anyone can learn

Devils left hand says:

Its a little more difficult for me to go Out in the dark, because I’m a Girl and i dont like to go Out on my Own, but all my friends who do parkour live in a different city. And i found this cool spot but Its better to go at night but I’m not going on my own so i just Need to train in the daylight i Guess?

Jacob Sivertson says:

night training is also useful to train stealth and quietness 🙂

Breno says:

I forget that you have a younger audience as well hahaha

The WarHammer says:

I like how your hood came up at that one jump. Lol

123qwx says:

why did he upload this video again


ronnie rly inspired me to do parkour and over the time i lost weight thanx

tyler dolan says:

Ronnie please reply, your the best

Piehigh says:

Any tips for recording in the dark?

Ody_moss says:

Cool intro

Will Hutchinson says:

I agree that its beneficial, training at night feels fresh, calming and also relaxing. Great vide man! m/

Walavouchey says:

*Hears first sentence*
So when he doesn’t have time to do a new video, he reuploads this one? XD

APSune says:

*Hi please scroll down*

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cherish390 says:

Nice video

Gredofa says:

So inspiring and such a HQ video!

Gabriel Hicks says:

hey ronnie you have to be careful climbing schools, it may be fun but i was facing jail time for our

Alexandra Jones says:

I’ve just started doing parkour, I’ve had a few lessons so far and I’m loving it! Your videos are really helpful and awesome to watch

Ductile Book_4713 says:

Can you do parkours even though you use glasses

glowb says:

i learned to run in the dark on gravel it helps focus kind of

All animals are just Slightly different horses says:

Parkour in the dark? Darkour anyone?

Aceix Smart says:

I actually used to do this in high school

Low Life says:

I hope you read this comment Ronnie. By now I have learned most basic parkour and some freerunning movements thanks to your videos. All on my own. I just wanted to say that these videos are effective and it also takes time to learn and expand them. But it’s possible.
And Ronnie you’re awesome.

Matthew Kennard says:

I have big feet (size 14 &1/2) and I’m looking for parkour shoes, any recommendations Ronnie? And what shoes are you using?

macV-s0ap says:

Thank you for posting this video I found the encouragement to train at night again!

Aris Lililium says:

Your tutorials are not so good, but…dude ! You are a freaking beast <333 xD

Eriko. Oy says:

I’d probably get shanked…
Oh what the hell, I’d shank someone myself.

If you shank the shanker, one risks becoming a shanker themself…

RJ7 Vlogs says:

I love your videos man you helped me so much with parkour! Thanks for what you do!

SE Fabian says:

*Does Backflip*

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