Parkour Academy: Wall Climb / Top Out Tutorial – Q&A

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Parkour Academy: Wall Climb / Top Out Tutorial – Q&A

In this video we answer a question sent in from Jake

With the top out or muscle up it is crucial that you learn and train
two main things that is #1 The correct technique for the form and #2 The right
conditioning to build the strength

If you are not doing these two main things correctly it will be very hard
to get your top out and it will take you ages to get up walls.

Do these two things correctly and you will learn your top out quickly
and you will be able to climb up walls with lightning speed.

Free 5 Day Parkour Starter Course

At the end of the video I talk also talk about the soon to be opened
parkour academy!!

Train Safe,

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Metro _Gang says:

you so greatful and teachful

logang 21103o says:

Subcribe plz

Ansari Ansair says:

How to do human flag plz tapps

Fun Time Entertainment says:

I started doing parkour a few months a go and the only thing that I struggle with my confidence so fast r an example just say that vault over a railing I’m always worried about hurting my self so I don’t do it

Kai Squid says:

I can’t keep my arm straight when hanging, is it because my grib strength ? If so what can i improve on?

amit kumar says:

Amit Kumar ,,and i just see videos to learn some techniques to qualify Indian air force interview, thanks for all

Grey Wolf says:

What happens when you are on top of a house and u want to get down safely

nidz715 says:

Love this! I’m a continuous work in progress! But not bad for a 40 yr old mom!

Awesome Mine craft says:

#fugitive fitness

logang 21103o says:

Plz plz plz plz plz plz plz pzl

jayesh renagiri says:

Jai dz3

Lunas Riding says:

I’m 11 and I can get the basics and the hard stuff this helped me climb

Mike Carlson says:

Going on 11 and you helped me in every
Way you deserve every subscribe their is love you guys keep up the good work!!!

subbaiah scott sunil says:

Very informative

MI street stunts says:

you are the best tapp

jenbaran says:

Thanks. I am going to try these techniques for Spartan walls

UrbanSight says:

amazing tutorial ive been doing parkour for 3 years and i couldnt do the top out thank you so much for your tutorial keep up : )

wild horses says:

I looking to do horse vaulting but couldn’t find any helpful videos on it so I’m looking up each skill that I will need. I’m also learning many other activities like this, I’ve always wanted to climb this one wall… now I know how! thanks for the great video

Sam Miller says:

wtf is on his face

Zuber Ahmad says:

Where do live

ridhummm jain videosss says:

tapp Brothers i am14 i have started parkour ,
how i can increase Hand grip

Ace Wrath says:

hai tapp brothers i am not able to cme near the wall but throwing myself away from the wall ANY WAY????i just started doing parkour …but it is two months i didn’t learn this…

Deepak Sharma says:

Your tutorials are of immense help, impetus is on right and secure techniques. I am 33 yrs of age and learning it watching ur vids;I do try not to hurt myself

Fandomfishtaco23 says:

How do you practice knee drives on a wall taller than you?

Piper Hart says:

“This guy right here”

Erfan Kalantari says:

Im so fat how should i do it?

Zohaib Ghous says:

Im 12 i started watching parkour 2 weeks ago and now i can do a lot of parkour moves for beginners easily just because of the tapp brothers if you agree on the tapp brothers being the best teachers then like,suscribe and comment

SansaOneSuomi says:

Thanks a lpt about these vids.. I just started training with your tips and got lots of new energy to go out and train train train and train! 🙂
I am also starting my own vlog anytime soon about all my hobbies, so: EnjoyLife stay safe and embrace love <3
Awesome workout tips! Highly recommended these guys for anyone who like step up a bit with your own body! #enjoylife #loverules #bettereveryday

Zuber Ahmad says:

Thank you

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