Only a Bench – Simple Object Parkour Training

What kind of movement can I come up with only using a bench?

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respira2h says:

como es para hacer parkur

Dominic Vigil says:

I managed to gouge a centimeter out of my shin on a cement bench today haha

Raidriar the God King says:

nice beard yo.

Paintball-Is-Awesome says:

Loved the guy watching in the background

Mark says:

What should I do if all of the walls and rails are rusty and rough and will cut my hands?

Skyrim/Elfer says:

I have a great area but i dont want TO look like an idiot. I Can climb buildings but when someone see me, he thinks that im a freak.

xtra films says:

is it hard and weird doing parkour randomly by your self?

Clumsy James says:

Thankyou Ronnie for these videos they inspire me so much.

Windodo53 says:

Can u show us the aerial tutorial?

javiertan11 says:

ronnie u could have taken jesse la flair’s third place in his 2013 aom its just cause u dont have the creativity.. u have the tricks the skills just not the creativity mate work on it.. u could have done a conveyor belt front on the bench

Joey Bag Of Doritos says:

this is my everyday training but i just do it like a warm up until i brake the bench and i start doing escaping parkour xD

Scott Palangi says:

Ronnie! I LOVE the “…Only a _ _ _” series! Hope you’re still doing them! So useful and I literally have no reason not to train! Keep at this please!

【ᗪᗪχ】 Jack says:

Ronnie you are amazing i watched ur tutorials and dude like the second i watched them i would get out there and try them and now i have like mastered them i might even make a parkour channel like yours! Ty very much for the inspiration

lucchi pasallo says:

Ok ya me ofendi dejare el parkour

Taylor. Caastro says:

My favorite video

▯Invader▯ says:

Guy in the background

Can I sit Now?

Joshua Havird says:

These videos are excellent. It’s been so long I thought you weren’t going to do anymore. Keep making these vids.

Mel Jacobs says:

I love that one kid who’s just watching like ‘Damn dude’

Matthew Nolan says:

t you should do only a poll we have a lot of polls in my city and I need something to do on them,

PhaylogenX says:

That inward Webster was amazing 😛

Jer W. says:

Thanks a lot! My local park doesn’t have much but w bench so thanks for this vid!

Nandra Aprianto says:

i can do it

Poetry_in_motion_ pkfr says:

Ronnie, how that when you do the reverse vault, you add an extra 360 spin. What is that called?

Brill Billy says:

You should have done a dive roll!

MaskedArtist80 says:

i seen a bum do similar moves on a bench in the city
hobo had mad style

Luan Eduardo says:

Yeahh Parkour/Free Running is life

Air Flips says:

Please look my youtube channel for awsome Flips and toturials

JJ&K says:

Hey Ronnie, can you do a “climb leap” if so could you do a video on it or with one in it?

The-Pez 1996 says:

You are so freaking stupid. If your doing flips and tricks it’s called freerunning not parkour. Parkour is getting from one place to the other in as straight a line as possible which means going through, under, and over objects without going around. You aren’t trying time reach a destination therefore your not doing parkour. Get it right or don’t participate.

Gary1q2 says:

wow i thought it was someone else in the video until i read the comments and realised your beard grew o.o

Eric Ovchinnikov says:

Move at 0:26 pls help

ninja man says:

Ronnie pleas pleas do the split vault tutorial

Bryson D'Andria says:

This idea

Scarseyy says:

Nigga like water

بۆنی گوڵ says:

0:55 please tutorial or name this trick

Thehuntman569 says:

Ronnie next you should do only a hand rail! I train on them all the time but I just wanna know what all can be done with them. If you could make that then that would be sick!

Chunky Pickles says:

make more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!plz

DarkProductions7 says:

Ronnie you should also do a revision for the roll tutorial like more tips on how tp cover the spine hip shoulder and even hitting the head please

Ravichand Vegiraju says:

is this timp park in pr*** canyon! ?? I used to live there!

ItsShoxyy says:

Moreeeee 🙂 i like videos like that

Cron says:

What is the name of your shoes?

MaximusPayne says:

Interesting ideas, Ronnie!

Trung Dai Phan says:

can i have the name of the trick. on 0:18

DL1 says:

i broke a bench 

oisín mcardle says:

Really good video really shows the beauty of parkour happy you carried on with simple object training series I think everyone can relate to it

BlackBearPL says:

Simple objects are Great!

Bryan Forth says:

please do more just a object

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