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Watch the winter Santa Parkour here:
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Filmed by Matthew Cutler

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Animation: Zeb Jackson

Music: – Kitten Air – ScottDW


saadsracket. BNE says:

Don’t Press Read More. You won’t like it.

Sub to my channel I post parkour vids. See? Told you you wouldn’t like it.

Flávio Giannini says:

Santa must know parkour to do what he does

#Freedom Freerunning says:

nice making use of the santa suit!

Zantation 1v1r says:

how I reduce my fear of learning new flips? I even have fear on a mattress when I stack it with pillows or sheets because I feel like if I land the wrong way I’m going to break my leg or neck or twist my ankle etc.

Lolly Hinchy says:

Could you do flips randomly in public? That would be so funny!! Also, may you upload more frequently?

Zamuel Alfred says:

Nice video ronnie

Bishwadeep Bordoloi says:

Gym name please


Show man barabens

#Freedom Freerunning says:

0:35 nice creativity!

John Trieu says:

Christmas gone wrong

Forlane Warframe youtuber says:

Hi, what is the name of this epic remix of jingle bells pls ?

ParkourSW benjo says:



I wish u we’re my uncle bc my dad knows a lot of martial arts and u know parkour u should create ur own parkour place I want to learn that stuff

Vilas Bhalerao says:

your favorite parkour trick plz tell him

Zachary Warhurst says:

Awesome vid

#Freedom Freerunning says:

man this video must’ve been hard to film!!

Jeremiah Kcillib says:


T.A.D. G.R says:

So this is how Santa delivers gifts

#Freedom Freerunning says:

lol that initial ending sentence tho!


Thx bro you are a really good teacher for parkour

Parkour Master says:

I can’t do parkour because my collar bone is broken. But at least I can watch parkour. Thanks for the video and merry christmas.

Oluseyi Onadipe says:

Pls do this more.

grizly cody says:

Will you do a ten types of kong vaults like you did with the dash? I don’t know if there are 10 different kong variations but if there are, I’d love to learn about them!


Now we know santa loves donuts

harvchambo says:

Ronnie I ABSOLUTELY LO AT YOU!!!!! I’ve been watching since I was 7 !!!

5p3c73r - Roblox & More says:

You’re really good at parkour

Hero Ash says:

Fun fact: Jingle bells isn’t a Christmas song.

It’s a Thanksgiving song

Awesome vid, Ronnie! Keep up the amazing work!

Lokin Holland says:

this is how santa actually delivers presents

Peter Parkourz says:

everyone check out this its insane (NO REPLY PLZ i dont read them anyway)

Vincent Wu says:

Dude today I just landed a long gainer I’m only 10

alpha ninja says:

so thats how Santa gets to every house

Slowfall Jenkins says:

That’s really cool, Ronnie!

#Freedom Freerunning says:

1:29 jesus christ it’s jason bourne!

Zcout says:

YOU ARE BEST YOUTUBER IN THE WORLD!!! and storrorblog too!

FazerFoX 187 says:

Amazing vid

Jeovanny Delacrus says:

Buen video

Jonathan Chouinard says:

do a tutorial on the aerial

David M says:

Santa is getting in shape for the big day! 😉

Leiron perkins says:


Gamer Gaming says:

What place is that I want to go

Azzim Al Haffis says:

Hello my name azzim i so like you video i from malaysia can i see you fast to fast hehehe

Peter Parkourz says:

i have help for everyone struggling doing the parkour/free running roll read this its a really good explanation (however much i like ronnnie (he is a really nice guy 🙂 i do admit he explained it a bit wrong on his roll tutorial)

Error 707: Could Not Find Care says:

How do you think you would do if you need to use parkour to get away from someone or something? like, without practicing ahead of time

Sergo says:

I’m sad, I live in Australia and I have never seen or touched snow in real life D:

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