NINJA Ninjitsu – Timeless Assassins in Black: Parkour, Stealth, Training, Weapons!

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NINJA Ninjitsu – Timeless Assassins in Black: Parkour, Stealth, Training, Weapons! Rare Footage, Ninja Katana Swords, Shuriken Throwing Star Weapons & more, Rejected Samurai Warrior Martial Arts Students, Combat Training, Silent Stealth Kill Death Assassin Training, Body Conditioning, Mysterious ways of the Ninja, Ninjaitsu, Ninjitsu Martial Arts, Ninja VS Fight. Fights, Fighting, Style, Brief History. Sources: Ninjitsu Documentary, Ninjitsu Private Training, Ninjitsu Training Manual, The Parkour Ninja In The Woods, Ninja Shadow Of Darkness PS1 Footage. Edited by Javier Vargas Videos TV Rare Films!


Jason Garcia says:

that’s not ninjutsu ninjutsu is SHADOW CLONE JUTSU

Azhari gibol says:

the best of martial arts figther

Adventure Life says:

music 1 00 pls ?

Raviraj Shetty says:


Nathalie Faugeras says:

Ninad Khadse says:

I want to become a ninja


nice one

Shaikh Faraz says:

wow that ninja is jumping like monkey

William Sydney says:

awesome vid

PokeWarGaming says:


samiboy sahali says:


Gopal Lokhande says:


Dan Vhg says:

lool did you just saw that parkour

Gunita Soram says:


Ali G says:

to se musi nechat

nice-new says:

They are not in mission because they don’t have any…
They buy their tools online giving their identity details but never mind…
They’ve watched most of Jet Li, Scott Adkins, Donnie Yen movies and even a bit (or all) of Naruto…
They work during the week and do some parkour-like during their free time to be Ninja-like…
They (sometime) train others to be like them.
They film themselves and post on Youtube…
All they do is pointless…

They are… the 2017 NINJAS !!! (…wannabe)

Avelinu Immanuel says:

if ninjas could existing

عزوز العصمي says:

هل تستطيع تنفيذ مهارات السراب

nilo but says:

ninjas are burlger..!!

khent vergara says:


budi syahputra says:


Tiecoura Sidibe says:

très cool! je veux le film l’homme au catana svp de peter john macalister.

FirstOfficerA380 says:

Wasn’t that background music from samurai Jack?

Mehliqqa Khattak says:

I am a ninja

lacus 88 says:

just came here to see if people could do the kagebunshin no jutsu…


How about -DEADPOOL-?

Bernard DaKing says:

the ninja assassin movie guy would run over these guys lol they look like they learned there skills from watching every season of ninja turtles

Bernard DaKing says:

lo that ninja life

jailson Antônio da Silva says:

04183996523936 whats Brazil

Claudio Tapia says:

Una mierda de video



Tai Phan says:

bb fycdrry cgrtdrsdgytdtcfxf₫5*-&+%46&-45vbxsr&6₫3^¢≤$√≥€,đtdđ&-₫4×≥xfzetxtxryjcfycfgxdt

Del' franco Biscani666 says:

why aren’t you tagging the guys who’s music you’re using for the background?

Sekoy the Angel says:

Assassins in Black?
first thing that makes me know about the lack in knowledge.
Ninjas wouldnt wear jet black because it made their silhouette noticeable especially on a full moon.
on the contrary they’d wear navy blue since it was easier to conceal their appearance.

Michael Haugaard says:

Parkour Ninjas… ? Come on, man : )

Mez says:

I used to love an assassin called Ezio

Chieko Aofuyu says:

Ninjas actually wear dark blue….

Rare Videos by Javier Vargas TV! says:

Music is By STylezT10, check out his youtube channel he does a lot of music for my videos 🙂 hes an awesome human being, thank you 😀 !!!!!!!

Ruatzhmars Ruatz says:

I like thief (rogue/Assassin) better, cause they use Dagger and backstab them.

xGRIM ZEROx says:

he did that man dirty with the execution  0:07

Lambert Mathurin says:



if anyone here has been to Disney World in Orlando Florida and you went to Epcot, i went inside the japanese store and bought a $110 Katana hehehehe. disney world* 😛

Treino aqt says:

Muito bom!☻

Bernard DaKing says:

but good vid no doubt

Stavros Stavrianos says:

This is not Ninjutsu

Molu D'Nero says:

song name?!

Majed Ali says:

والله فيديو مو حلو

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