Ninja Gym 2012! (Training gym for free running / parkour – beginner through advanced)

Not really ninjas .. 🙂 Just a group of friends trying to stay in shape and have fun. Here’s some activity in 2012. Thanks to everyone who dropped in and worked out some energy!

Ronnie Shalvis appearances at 1:06, 1:23, 1:31,1:41, 1:57, 2:02, 2:27, 2:53, 3:10, 3:15 for all the Ronniestreetstunts fans out there!!

Music is my modified version of the KDrew dubstep remix: and used with permission.

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darknightdragonplays says:

i think i saw ronnie

dror vidra says:

ohhhh so thats how u are in fit.

Bobbi Jo Finley says:

who knew grant thompson can do a backflip

Sunwoo See Waen says:

grant you have done some sick parkour

Jude Storer says:

Do ninja gym 2017

John Penner says:

this video is awesome u should do it more

Tielkon says:

Hi pal, aren’t you a doing martial arts?

MochaTater says:

XD grant the ninja

XxX6ty3Z says:

ninja gym 2017?????


i didnt knew you can do that

Rinna Conklin says:

Supa flips!

Draupnir says:

Whis watching in 2017?

spritwolf gaming says:

This needs to come back

chicken maniac101 says:

WOW I HAD NO CLUE HE COULD DO THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Muhamed Tambajang says:

do some gymnastics videos

Joshua Gao says:

Wait you melt stuff and you are a ninja wow

Katarina Matikainen says:


David Savage says:

Cool! Awesome stunts Grant!

Nat Coppinger says:

How much did you train, and what type of training did you do to be able to do this. Sorry this pretty late

XeroRez says:

DUDE.. I’d love to see more of these.. goodness that was awesome!

Asher Brown says:


Bookitty w says:

Be in the Olympic Games

Nisha Hussain says:

I think he could pass as a stunt double for Colton Haynes

ScienceOfScientist SOS says:

Wow, Grant you’re a superhuman, Im a pakistani and it is my dream to meet you

Lucas Moore says:

Where do you get your graphics from?

Kari Bowles says:

who else is a gymnast.

Mysara Babekr says:

Anyone here from 2017?

Bre buscher ! says:


Dan The Gaming Man says:


Arnie V says:

dubstep remix of somebody… unusual

Oreoz & chill says:

One word “WHOA”

Diegosotron says:

Why can the 3 year olds in this video do better flips than me

Miles Archibold says:

if i had to count how many kongs he did…

Redigit Plays says:

I’m surprised grant thompson can do a backflip and land on his feet and jump really high

Serious DIMA says:

Крууууто =)


This rilly inspiyrse me

Mohammad Jerjanazi says:

Hey Grant we want more of these videos, please go the gym and make more.

LOST in the SAUCE says:

wonder if you still do this

Chris does Flips says:

I’m sitting here like “did some nerdy dad just do a castaway!”

created valuation says:

awasome superb video …

LOST in the SAUCE says:

wonder if you still do this

Knife reviewer007 says:

ummm im from 2017 and ialway thought he was the king of random but i gues he is the ninja of every thing and the king of random and of couse he is grant

ZRIX DaPiup says:

Wow, that looks like fun

Harry Gallagher says:

Who else is here from the competition for a gummy snake?

ScienceOfScientist SOS says:

gravity confirmed by Grant-Thompson -2012-

Juan Br says:

I can’t do what the little kids are doing. I’m older and I don’t even know how to jump that high

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