Monkey Space: When Parkour Meets Climbing Training | Climbing Daily Ep.1056

Monkey Space, by Entre-Prises is a new concept in climbing training. With completely removable sections anyone can design and tweak the set up to allow the climber to work their weaknesses. Unfortunately Matt just wanted to swing around like a crazy person. Sorry about that.

Find out more about Monkey Space:

Grab some training gear:

Monkey Space: When Parkour Meets Climbing Training | Climbing Daily Ep.1056


Verticalnetwork Climbing Coach says:

Great Video! Thanks for sharing! greetings Tom

Doug Thorpe says:

First, when can we expect the legends only btw?

TakeToTheShadows says:

Yo just FYI there’s still something wrong with the resoution of the intros.

Dead Rabbid says:

Would’ve been cool to have timer showing how long they needed to change the setup 🙂

Paul Smith says:

What was the music when Guillaume and you were climbing? Music for some really pumped up climbing! Shazam keeps butchering the song :/

nhoj ZeroOne says:

I want an entire floor of my house made out of this… Just living “the floor is lava”

OwenAfreetalk says:

This gym is made for Luis Parkinson’s!!

Landolini says:

so this seems to be practical for everything except for actual climbing training…

Michael Groß says:

Rather spend my money on a moonboard…or 2 or 3 😀

Whitney Pershing says:

Why does EpicTV push this crap so hard? I literally know of no climber who can afford to put this in their home and no gym that wouldn’t be better off spending money elsewhere.

Ivan Dikmans says:

Very cool idea & design. Probably quite gimmicky to rearrange and expensive though :p. If I’d have enough money to throw at things I’d defo have this all over my house :3

Simon Péloquin says:

That outro haha, the guys are insane

FlynnBach says:

It’s cool and all but i really dont see how this could be any better than the traditional climbing training methods.

PantsB4Squares says:

Lol that guy flipping a tire

Sanzhar Kilybayev says:

I have got an idea: Let them try climbing as well 😀

OwenAfreetalk says:

Enter prise made the wall at my gym!

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