Model Takes on Parkour Training

Lauren visits Boulder’s APEX Movement to train with Parkour pro, Ryan Ford, and learns how to use both body and mind to interact with and overcome physical obstacles.
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Join fitness model Lauren Berlingeri as she takes on a crazy new challenge each week. Whether training with the FDNY, tossing axes with STIHL Timbersports legends, or bounding through parkour routines, our fearless host manages to land on her feet with a smile (most of the time!).

Special thanks to APEX Movement!


SplatterOdst says:

I’m not hating, I mean for her first time she’s pretty good, but just looking at her doing it seemed so Cringy

Dirtjumper Kid says:

That was not parkour

Collin Benjamin says:

where is this place

AHPilot2018 says:

This video was very cringy

Yu Ming Li says:

so change the title to freerunning >:)

Marey Plana says:

When your a girl and can do 10 pull-ups strict yay crossfit

Yu Ming Li says:

only in freerunning

FrankB00M says:

She’s really not good at parkour..

Nguyễn Hoàng Hiệp says:

“one of the biggest star in parkour… wow

– reporter knowledge-

countryboy daily vlogs says:

best way to run from the cops

Kristi Pk says:

clown fiesta

Taniwha B says:

I would like to be as fluid as that guy.

The United Fitness Squad says:

@Woman v. Workout you have a great channel, definitely subscribing.

Jean says:

Edit at 3:15 is cringe

Seattle Heights says:

“i cant do one pullup” then hit the fucking weights holly shit, you girls weigh like 90 pounds these days starving yourselfs you should be able to do like 50 pullups

anNaSoR911 says:

I like her eagerness to learn. She knows she’s an amateur and that she’s not very strong, but at least she tried.

kingdaleclarke says:

Parkour is so silly and dangerous.

TheMafyus says:

Su nivel de parkour es impresionante xD

stefan Zach says:

ur like a shit

Leondaniel82 says:

These vids are great but spend more time then an hour on everything. Spend a month at least with stuff. Would be much more interesting.

Alex Martinez says:

downtown Denver

Piglet says:

i love her!!

Greg Johnson says:

99% of people who watched this came for the ass ^^

Fluffy_ Panda says:

Im doing martial arts so this should be easy

masked kid says:

I am only 9 I am better

Aaron Blackmor says:

1:55 Um… yeah you and me both.

The Trickshoter says:


MainStreetNs - says:

This bitch can’t parkour even if her life depended on it

UrbanRoofers says:

she look so wet doing it

Itzz Mickyy says:

i would so love to learn parkour and free running

Gerard O Hara says:

Nice ass

K Kilby says:

No wonder she doesn’t do these vids anymore. The negativity or just plain jealousy is pathetic. She tries hard at everything she does and to say she sucks or isn’t good at it is symptomatic of people with low self esteem and prone to failing at everything you try.

gake kombana says:

i was doing like her when i was 13

דבע מאסטר says:


Abaxis- Olathe 43 says:

Fuck the title bitch

Kuledude 8 says:

soo. She learned landing and rolling, balancing, and a wall spin? What about wall running and vaulting?

TOXIC Snipez says:

So yeah that bit at the end where she takes it to the streets was totally parkour

Terrick Hooi says:

wow lauren i really enjoy ur vids seeing how ur not afraid tro challange urself i think thats so great and i find that extremley atractive <3

Titan ShouT says:

i love parkour but there are no places i can use

Squad Tanksta says:

PARKOUR IS NOT ABOUT STYLE!, its about getting to a specific place as fast as possible, style is free running, NOT parkour!

Ryder Smith says:

She got some ass!!!

Kai Leif says:

that’s in Denver

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