Learning Free Running – Ninja Warrior Training

Like and Fav if you want more vids like this! I went to Tempest Free Running Academy in Cali with a few peeps and decided to learn to do some extreme sporting. I’m gonna have to do this every weekend til I’m boss!

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SoullessGinger Gaming says:

Watching this and just see Freddy wong

Лев Петраш says:

5:26 loool

TheAssassin21060 roblox says:

I’m 9 and I kinda want to go there because I like parkour

BO3Trolling says:

I’m a parkourest and I’m 10 I started when I was 8

evan shankar says:

Lol I clicked in this vid and was like, “Is that DeStorm, or am I just racist?”

SyCo CLUTCHs says:

at 3:29 That was Freddy Wong

MM9parkour 123 says:

I do pro parkour and after you get the technic down you’ll find it easy

Burrito Draws says:

my name is Brandon so I guess I’m in Europe _(ツ)_/¯

James Jeppson says:

who said black can’t jump?

Emilio Mackie says:

I started this like a year ago and I’m still a white band my dream is a black band plz keep your fingers crossed for me PLZ PLZ PLZ :'(

patriotic warrior says:


Mc Nuggets says:

why rocketjump youtuber is there and your video?

Roldan Acosta says:

is that freddie wong?

Jack Turner says:

i live an hour away, but as soon as i get a liscence, i will drive to the one in chatsworth as often as possible

Jacob Mercado says:

freddie wong

Rickie Cesak says:

what shoes is he wearing

Timothy says:

I’m jelious that black people are so good at jumping yo

holly fay91 says:

go subscribe to my channel jamiefay give my videos a like

Laura Taylor says:

Epic moods gancsd


I do parkour. I’m pretty much like DeStorm.

TheGamingWolv says:

Where dis located?

Alex Cervantes says:

in know righy

RollonGaming says:

i remember watching this back in the day when i was 10 damn time flys

Murice Willis says:

don’t you know King bach

chow dean says:

yay u did a back flip…sorta

Traviolio says:

4:04-4:10 is the best part of this video

Classy's World says:

Hey people I know you’re tired to read such things but I make YouTube Videos too, can you please enter on my channel and check what I got, it won’t take you long to decide whether you want to stay there or not, hope you’ll do, Thank you for the shot!

WOO says:

I like the Pirates hat!

Black Boi says:

I’m not gonna braig or anything but they’re not good at free running I’m 12 and I can do a whole lot of stuff

Rene E.K says:

See this is why I love parkour gym’s, cause even if you fall they’ll help you up and cheer you on

Korey uchiha1504 says:

wish i lived in LA

Natalie M says:

Something I learned from gymnastics is to never let go of the bar in the front…. I would be terified ( I can’t spell don’t yell at my ass!! )

عبد الرحمن شراحيلي says:


Kalle Biilmann says:


QuantumLolliepop says:

Call in D from Node. He’s already got the katana skills lol.

Yap Li Ting says:

Are this place in England or America? Can u ket m3 know i want to learn…

Trey Pruette says:

he sounds like Kevin Hart

Nebby says:

where is this?

Blake's Cinema says:

You should really appreciate that opportunity you had…Some people never get to have the safety of a foam pit or a instructor…Someday I will be like you…Someday.

bruisedbanana032 says:

the Asian is the biggest Mr excuses I’ve ever seen

Hyper Alex says:

Where is that?

Jabzy Playz says:

This makes you feel like Nathan drake man

Jacobthebomb25 Gta 5 online random stuff says:

Upload more often

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