Learning Free Running -Ninja Warrior Training – Day 5 – Ass and Abs!

You keep watching I’ll keep posting. 5th time at Tempest Free Running Academy in Cali. learning to do some extreme sporting. Boss status on the way.

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Musicothérapie & Relaxation says:

9:25 …it’s me !!! noooo… ;D

eti says:

yo quiero yr a y

ACTUALLY Nightcore says:

Can you guys watch one of my videos pls
Can you guys watch one of my videos pls

Jack himes says:

Come back there. Im there

ImPulse says:

The guy with glasses looks like Dwight Shrout

Dee Dozier Tv says:

big ass bald spot

Internus says:

she is fine

Par7y_K3g says:

Hey out that guy from vine

Gabriel Vieira says:

Muito legal mesmo

Leo's Show says:

por favor yo quiero a prendel eso

Lego Adventure time says:

2:13 don’t play just pause

ToastedMarshmallow says:

Watching in 2017

Anwar says:

The fucking woman is fucking him in 1.00 mins

lilhope left says:

I saw you in a porno one time

Crazy Cactus says:

Bygone get to

Fun Club says:

You say I want to come there, I have to learn.

Pedro Peres says:

idiotas Eric J sério

ana laura says:

foi bem massa

Commander Cowden says:

Cool I can do a kip up

pudgy one says:

can a fat do parkour

Michael Marroquin says:

What up Destorm

Zachary Long says:

destorm can u do more parkour stuff

Kirsty Rice says:


DjnickJr says:

Backflip fail? Lol

Swag Pooper says:

I bet some people get fucked up bad in this place

splindertec k says:

Were is this location I am age 23 I really love to learn this. I am a dead fan of assassin’s

DjnickJr says:

Y soy gay

Кирилл Панасенко says:

I like parcor

mani rathnam says:

how many people worrying there is no place like this in our country

ACTUALLY Nightcore says:

Can you guys watch one of my videos pls

Lord Saruman says:


videomaker7563 says:

Where is this?

amgarin phone says:

Fuck you us

Jaden Crockett says:

destorm I didn’t know you did that

A Bryan says:

ugly bitches

مياس المحمادي says:

اعنمك يبنكلب

Milliana Fortnight life says:

I was there

Gaming With Hype says:


buoturro xd says:


Nesha Meshalica says:

there are so many views on this

WhyULikeThis says:

Your bitch talks mad smack

Steve's Gaming channl says:

I no how to do a back flip

JAddict Productions says:

Did anyone else click for the ass?

DjnickJr says:


ACTUALLY Nightcore says:

Can you guys watch one of my videos pls

_Art3Eazy _Sy3 says:

Kip up without hand is easy as fuck

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